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Interview with Borja Iglesias: 'The Barcelona Derby is beautiful'

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296   //    07 Dec 2018, 16:25 IST

Borja Iglesias of Espanyol
Borja Iglesias of Espanyol

How is Borja Iglesias like Raúl Tamudo?

In few ways; I think we are very different. We like to wait near the area. I think that for many years he showed all his qualities, such as his mobility and ability to generate danger.

I think that the way we play is different, but I tried to learn everything I could when I watched him. Now, when I talk to him, I thank him for his way of treating me because it helps me to improve.

It was almost 15 years since an Espanyol player scored in five games in a row: Raul Tamudo. Is this special for you?

Without a doubt. Being able to maintain a goal-scoring run over several consecutive matchdays is very nice because it is hard to do, it doesn’t happen regularly and you have to enjoy it. I’m very happy to be able to contribute to the team.

That year Tamudo ended up with 20 goals...

It's a very good number. However, he always showed that he was a goal scorer, that he would always be up there. That was a great year for him, but the vast majority of his time at Espanyol he performed at a very good level.

I suppose the teammates have already told you what a Barcelona derby is like, right?

Yes. It seems beautiful. I think everyone summarises it that way. You can see that it is a special day, that you have to take it with the right intensity: Neither too relaxed or too excited. I think trying to find the middle point is the beauty of that situation, so I'll try to be prepared.