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Ivan Perisic hits the woodwork thrice with one shot on goal

Ivan Perisic hits the woodwork thrice - post, crossbar and post again - with one shot on goal!

Wolfsburg’s Ivan Perisic was probably the unluckiest footballer in the world when they beat Borussia Mönchengladbach 3-1 last weekend. 

Footballers have hit the post or crossbar, but they rarely hit both posts and the crossbar!

The 25-year-old midfielder found himself in the box and tried to shoot from a tight angle. In a bizarre and unlucky turn of events, the ball hit the near post before rebounding off the crossbar to hit the far post and rebounded back on to the field of play only for his team mate to blast the ball into the stands!

The video is from Bundesliga’s official YouTube channel.


As the commentator says, Perisic will never come so close to scoring a goal better than that.

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