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Lionel Messi is NOT the greatest player in the world

Sriram Ilango
10.33K   //    22 Dec 2012, 00:37 IST

Okay. I have this habit where I try to find faults in things that are perfect, and usually, I succeed. And before I go into this article and explain why Lionel Messi is not the greatest player in this world, I have to admit that the title of this article was shamelessly designed to make you click it.

Messi is NOT the greatest player in the world

86 goals in a calender year. Every legitimate title and accolade in the world. The appreciation of the world media, fellow players and managers. So, obviously Lionel Messi is the greatest player in this world.

With the sole aim of trying to make Lionel Messi a lit bit ‘mortal’, I sat down and penned down some reasons which might make him ‘not-so-great’. And after hours and hours of hard work and endless stream of thoughts, all the reasons I came up with sounded moronic.

So, here it is. The endless stream of moronic thoughts on why Leo Messi is not the world’s greatest.

Messi does not have a World Cup

Yes, you guessed it right. I was going to go with this. Pele has three and if Messi is better than him, he should at least have one. Fernando Torres has one but Messi doesn’t. So, that means Torres is better than Messi? Well, just food for thought.

See what I mean?

But, seriously, the guy has been poor whenever he has donned an Argentinian shirt, and so if you are not playing consistently well for your country, you should not be considered the world’s best, right? Then there is a certain Podolski, whose story is a bit different. Yeah, like I said, moronic thoughts!

A Zambian player has scored more goals than Messi

86 goals in a year, pretty impressive right? But, what about 107 goals in a year? Godfrey Chitalu, Zambia’s footballing hero, apparently scored 107 goals in the calender year of 1972. Their Football Association is in search of the official records to support their claim and if it goes well, Messi could lose his recognition.


Greatest of all time – Godfrey Chitalu

So what if Zambian “Football League” (if they have one, that is!) and the European Cup + the La Liga is a wee bit different? Goals are goals and the Zambian legend has indeed scored more goals that Messi. Who is great now!

He hasn’t proved himself outside Spain

The league in England demands high work rate and physicality. Given Messi’s stature, may be he would have been controlled effectively by some big defenders like Glen Johnson or Laurent Koscielny (Just saying, you know!)

Similarly, in Italy you need patience. But, Messi has not proved himself outside Spain. Players like Nicolas Anelka have broken barriers and have had success (believe me, please) in France, Spain, England, Turkey and even China! Has Leo Messi done that?

Nicolas Anelka – Breaking Barriers!

Then there are players like Samuel Eto’o. Despite having had huge success all around the world, these players go to unpronounceable Clubs searching new “challenges”. Messi on the other hand is one dimensional, he just plays and scores with the same team and same players!

Goals don’t reflect a player’s true ability

Messi scores tons of goals. But goals are not the only part of the game. Yes, they are the most important part of the game but they are not the only part. A players true value is reflected through his contribution to the team, through titles won and through individual accolades.

Wait. Titles, Accolades..

Ah, never mind!

Lionel Messi may not be entirely human

Okay, a final and rather lame attempt at humor which has gone out of syntax in 9 different ways.

I’m a moron. Long live Lord Messi.

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