Longest serving football managers

Anand Sindhu

In this modern era of football, the football clubs are run by the riches of club owners. The richer the owner, the more ambitious he is in seeking results, leaving the club to change their integral structural, game play and more often the mangers.

The tiger of the den faces the axe. He is the man held responsible for not meeting with the demands of the owners. The owners want profits and a global market, which is only possible if the club is consistently winning. Sometime one bad season or just a few bad games results in the departure of the manager. Clubs have become less stable, debt ridden and over ambitious. The owners want immediate results, enforcing the managers to take bigger steps before a small stride of development. Sadly, this is how the modern football era works.

Still there have been a lot of mangers who have performed well with their respective clubs and earned the support of their owners. We take a look at some of the longest serving football mangers with one club.


Longest serving football managers #1

Guy Roux

Guy Roux | Club- Auxerre | Time - 44 years | From- 1961-2005


Longest serving football managers #2

Willie Maley | Club- Celtic | Time - 43 years | From- 1887-1940


Longest serving football managers #3

Bill Struth

Bill Struth | Club -Rangers | Time- 34 years | From -1920-1954

#4Longest serving football managers #4

Ronnie McFall | Club -Portadown | Time- 27 years | From - 1986-present


Longest serving football managers #5

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson |Club- Manchester United| Time- 26 years | From- 1986-2013

#6Longest serving football managers #5

Sir Matt Busby |Club- Manchester United| Time – 24 years | From -1945-1969 and 1970-1971

#7Longest serving football managers #6

Dario Gradi | Club- Crewe| Time- 24 years | From 1983-2007)

#8Longest serving football managers #7

Foppe de Haan| Club- Heerenveen | Time- 19 years |From-1985-2004

#9Longest serving football managers #8

Brian Clough | Club- Nottingham Forest |Time-18 years| From- 1975–1993

#10Longest serving football managers #9

Ted Bates |Club-Southampton | Time – 18 years | From- 1955–1973

#11Longest serving football managers #11

Arsene Wenger| Club- Arsenal| Time- 17 years | From -1996-present

#12Longest serving football managers #12

Valery Lobanovskiy|Club- Dynamo Kiev | Time- 16 years | From-1974-1990 and 1997-2002

#13Longest serving football managers #13

Thomas Schaaf | Club – Werder Bremen| Time - 14 years | From - 1999-2013

#14Longest serving football managers #14

John Coleman | Club – Accrington Stanley| Time - 13 years | From – 1999-2012

#15Longest serving football managers #15

David Moyes| Club – Everton| Time - 11 years| From – 2002-2013

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