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Manchester United outcast Victor Valdes admits he is "a very difficult person to work and live with"

Rohan Menon
3.36K   //    11 Aug 2015, 19:54 IST
Victor Valdes talks about the difficulties faced by managers handling him

Victor Valdes who seems on his way out of Manchester United has recently claimed that he is “a very difficult person to work and live with”, according to The Guardian. The 33-year old showed signs of displeasure when Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal decided to leave the Spaniard out of the pre-season tour to the United States.

Van Gaal says that his decision to sell Valdes was brought about when he refused to play with the reserve team. According to the Dutchman, this showed the player’s lack of commitment to the team. 

In an interview with Colombian news station RCN, The Spaniard praised his former manager Pep Guardiola for his excellent man-management skills and admitted that his personality was hard to manage. 

“I am a very difficult person to work and live with. My wife deserves the biggest of trophies,” he said. 

“I was very lucky to have so many seasons with [Guardiola]. In addition to being a teacher to many of us, he was always able to communicate greatly with everyone and knowing how to adapt to talk to different people in the dressing room.

“That’s the most challenging thing for a coach, to adapt their own pride to be able to speak to everyone with their different egos.”

This will be the second time that the World Cup winner will be leaving a club under circumstances that are far from ideal. “I recriminate myself when I keep myself in the margins and let people down, especially those who expect better from me,” said Valdes. 

“The day when I left Barça, because of the treatment I was receiving and my character, it didn’t go as I would have wished.

“I drifted and then just left, I’m sure people expected much more from me.”

Valdes: I wouldn’t be a football goalkeeper

Valdes has six La Liga, three Champions League, two Copa del Rey, and one Fifa World Cup winners’ medal to his name, but says that he would pursue a different path if he was born again

“If I was born again, I wouldn’t be a football goalkeeper,” said Valdés.

“They convinced me I had a lot of talent but it’s not an easy path and it hasn’t made up for all the years of suffering. There have been many days when I haven’t wanted to be there, but I do it since I was convinced when I was young.

“I have walked the path with discipline but it has brought me thousands of moments of suffering.”

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