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Manchester United: Revamping the Old Guards

2.92K   //    17 May 2014, 22:07 IST

“Where there is a will there is a way.” Does this saying hold true for Manchester United’s dismal season? Perhaps not. The manner in which the Red Devils took to the pitch just highlighted their willingness to lose in situations where they should not have faltered.

Manchester United losing out to Everton on Dec 2013

The basic trait in football is playing to your strengths. Humiliating the opposition by striking fear into their hearts whenever you take to the pitch. Football Management, however is much more than just playing to your strengths. It is about capitalizing on your opponents weakness, masquerading your weakness behind your strengths and exposing your opponents.

We have managers like Jose Mourinho, who plays to his opponents weakness. We have had managers like Sir Alex Ferguson, who was a genius at bringing the best out of his players. Their weakness masqueraded behind their strengths. A prime example is Ferguson tackling United’s midfield after the departure of Roy Keane. He won the English Premier League and the Champions league playing Anderson and Fletcher in midfield.

Then, there was David Moyes. He exposed his midfield’s dilemma to his opponents who left him red faced on every occasion United took to the pitch. There were a few occasions in which they played with flair, but that was it. Apart from a few performances, nothing fruitful came out of it.

The Premier League season 2013-14 came to an end with Manchester City being crowned Champions. Liverpool blowing away a golden chance to win the League with that draw against Palace. Chelsea losing to Sunderland was a slap in the face of the Special one. Dear God, the best of the lot was Arsene.

It seems that for Arsenal their quest for glory again ends with Champions League qualification. But wait…!!! Where is Manchester United? The Red Devils do not feature in the top four. Where are they? Look at the Barclays Premier League table and voila. The Red Devils are languishing at the 7th spot. Devoid of all glory and even the chance to participate in Europe for the first time in 24 years.

The Chosen One must have felt it when he was sacked. The Axe was lurking on him. It was only a matter of time when it fell. And then the hour of Reckoning came for David Moyes. #WhomToTrust took precedence over #InMoyesWeTrust. The Chosen one faced the sack just ten months after his appointment. The argument of a team in transition was always there. The fact that David Moyes needed more time was also prominent.

The unacceptability was in Manchester United giving up, Manchester United losing at the theater of dreams, Manchester United not playing with the never say die attitude. Ryan Giggs took over as interim manager in the last four games. 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw with a glimpse of the future must have been pretty optimistic for the Old Trafford faithful.

The revamping of the squad is the business the management has on its hands right now.

Rebuilding the already depleted squad will give nightmares to Ryan Giggs, should he be given a chance to carry on, or for any of his successors. Nemanja Vidc and Rio Ferdinand has already announced their departures from Old Trafford. Age catching up with Patrice Evra and Micheal Carrick is also a concern. Then we have the highly inconsistent Ashley Young and Nani. Lack of playing time for Chicharito and Kagawa will also force them to ply their trade elsewhere.

Midst all these chaos, suitable replacement for the old guards must be found, a couple of marquee signings must be made and first team chances should be given to a couple of youth academy graduates.

Ironically, modern football is all about glory and result rather than pride or heart. The Arab and Russian influxes in football have turned the transfer market on its head. Manchester United are ready to spend, but are the players ready to arrive? With United not playing in Europe this season, it can be an uphill task for them in the transfer market. Stiff competitions from their rivals can force their targets to sign more lucrative deals elsewhere.

Building a squad for the next season will be tough, but the aftermath will even be tougher. The confidence has to be reinstated back in the squad. The belief that they can be champions again have to be infused into the players. The attitude to play for the honour of the shirt should be the first precedence of the players.

With a new manger yet to be appointed, the management does not want to get caught in the “Once bitten twice shy” situation. As for the new manager, once the appointment comes, he is going to surely face nightmares. The expectation to deliver will be huge. The expectation to rise up to the standards to the legendary Scot will have to be matched. Results have to delivered and honour has to be restored.
It is a rebuilding phase for the Red Devils. Its a time to make decisions wisely and enforce it correctly. Rise up from the ashes and show to the world who we are. We are Manchester united and we never give up.

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