Marco Reus hairstyles and haircuts

Marco Reus hairstyles and haircuts
Reus’ undercut is one of the most famous hairstyles around

After Cristiano Ronaldo, Marco Reus is easily one of the most trendy football players on the planet. Apart from his prowess on the ball, Reus also possesses the aura of a style icon.

His fashion sense is right up there among the best and he can easily give the top models a run for their money . From his initial days where he sported rather flashy and out of the ordinary hairdos, the German international seems to have mellowed down in recent years.

Reus is a trendsetter and his haircuts are an example for millions all over the world to imitate. The German has the ability to pull off both long and short haircuts with aplomb and spends a lot of time on getting the exact right look. A natural ginger, Reus generally adds highlights and bleach to give his hairstyles more personality.

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Take a look at Marco Reus’ haircuts and hairstyles over the years.

Undercut with side parting

This is Reus’ most common hair style which he has worn ever since early 2015. The undercut involves buzzing/cutting the hair at the sides and the back very short while the hair on the top remains long.

In Reus’ case, the sides are generally highlighted or bleached. His side part gets its volume using a blow-dryer for a few minutes as well as a little bit of hair gel to maintain height.

This hairstyle is very low maintenance and can be used by anyone on formal occasions.

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Undercut with quiff

Marco Reus hairstyles and haircuts
Marco Reus’ current hairstyle

A slight variation on the undercut with side part, Reus often transforms the side part into a quiff. The long hair on top instead of being used as a side part is styled upwards into a quiff using pomade and hair wax to provide a more sophisticated look.

A very straightforward and flattering hairstyle, this is generally suitable for people who prefer a fun and versatile yet simple style.

Funky undercut

Marco Reus
Reus being his funky best

Yet another variation on the undercut, this Marco Reus hairstyle involves leaving the top and front extremely long with short sides.

One of his more unorthodox hairstyles, the front is pushed up and backwards and kept in place using pomade similar to a quiff.

Messy Sunday

Marco Reus hairstyles and haircuts
Marco Reus can pull off even a messy look with aplomb
Marco Reus hairstyles and haircuts
Reus doesn’t try hard on practice days

On practice and casual days, Marco Reus is often seen sporting a slightly messy look. He also used this hairstyle often during his early Monchengladbach days. As seen the hair is pretty wild and uncontrollable. This is for people who prefer the just-out-of-bed look.

Side parting with a mullet

Marco Reus hairstyles and haircuts
Reus was flashy during his Monchengladbach days

The Mullet features the hair in the front to be cropped short while at the back it extends down to about shoulder level. While describing the mullet, people often refer to it as “business at the front, party at the back.”

This is another of Reus’ favourites during his stint at Monchengladbach.

Pointy spikes

Marco Reus hairstyles and haircuts
Reus also likes to spike things up when required
Marco Reus hairstyles and haircuts
Marco Reus showing off his highlighted spikes

Very similar to the side part undercut, Marco Reus often sports a look with pointy spikes as shown. Like the undercut, the hair at the sides and the back is trimmed extremely short, while the top is left medium to long.

Each spike is highlighted and has thicker layers in the front for a more concentrated look. This style can be used for people that require a fuller look to their hair.


Marco Reus hairstyles and haircuts
Marco Reus’ fauxhawk

Another of Reus’ favourites in his younger days at Borussia Monchengladbach, the fauxhawk was popularised by David Beckham in the 2000's and has been employed by a number of players including Cristiano Ronaldo.

The fauxhawk is a slight variation on the mohawk where the sides are not completely trimmed but retained. The spiky hair at the centre runs from the back to the front but is shorter than the regular mohawk. In this case, too, the long central portion is highlighted.

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