Ending the GOAT debate: 5 reasons why Lionel Messi will always remain far better than Cristiano Ronaldo 

  • Five reasons which ends the debate of between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo; the Argentine remains the greater player.
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Cristiano Ronaldo vs Leo Messi: An eternal debate between football greats.
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Leo Messi: An eternal debate between football greats.

For over the last decade or so, two superhumans- Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo- has dominated football. Their statistics are unbelievable and their consistency remains unparalleled, which undoubtedly makes them the two best players in our era.

Of course, there are uncountable moments which portrays that both Messi and Ronaldo are head and shoulders above the rest. Their extraterrestrial ability to shape a football match within a blink of an eye depicts their greatness and their brilliance has been a joyful experience for fans over the last decade.

It is no surprise that the debate between who is the greater among the two has been raging on for years. The tantalizing displays have propelled the question to be raised an uncountable number of times in our minds.

There is no doubt that the two players with contrasting origins and styles have been an inspiration to many.

Despite the fact that this individual fight may seem like heading to a draw, one player among the two will always edge out. Even with Ronaldo's best efforts, Messi remains the artist who portrays football at it's highest form and edges out among the two considering various reasons.

Without further ado, let us evaluate why Messi is a better player than Ronaldo.

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#1 Lionel Messi is more complete; Technical ability

FC Barcelona v Athletic Club - La Liga
FC Barcelona v Athletic Club - La Liga

Both Leo and Cristiano are world-class goal scorers and the statistics in the last decade proves that fact. But the Argentine genius' overall game is miles beyond the rest and that includes Cristiano Ronaldo, too.


For instance, Lionel Messi has been the better dribbler, better decision maker and even the best scorer out of the two greats throughout his glittering career. Even now, when he is past 30, Messi keeps getting past numerous players with relative ease and remains the best dribbler, way above anyone else.

When he was just 19, Messi dribbled past more than five players to score a goal, which is reminiscent of Diego Maradona's goal of the century. Over the years, we have seen his magical movements in his goals against Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and rest of the teams.

Moreover, Lionel Messi's vision is unparalleled which is why he is the leading chance creator and racked up way more assists than his current rival. Messi is 'mes que en scorer', he is also a playmaker. it is safe to say we have never seen anyone so versatile like Messi, not even Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Published 23 Mar 2019, 14:15 IST
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