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Video: Lionel Messi tricks Gary Lineker in his latest commercial

2.08K   //    04 Feb 2016, 10:30 IST

Winning all the trophies and acclaims seem to be not enough for the undisputed current king of football, Lionel Messi. He has to take the chips too.

In a new “Walkers” advertisement video we get to see Lionel Messi use his insane Foosball skills to take the crisps from a very timid Gary Lineker. The advert takes us to the living room of an incredible world where the likes of Leo Messi and Gary Lineker chill-out like the best of buddies.

We see Leo Messi playing Foosball with his friends while Gary is sitting comfortably on the sofa, watching something on the TV. The object of interest is a pack of crisps from “Walkers” in Gary’s hand which he seems to be enjoying. At this point, Leo, feeling a great need to take those crisps from Gary, takes a very Mr.Bean’esque approach.

He controls the ball on the foosball table like a pro and launches it in the air, where it bounces off different objects and finally knocks a trophy-cup on the 55-year-old former English football player’s head, thus giving Messi a chance to snatch the treat away.

The advert is very simple and doesn’t invoke torrid laughter 

It’s good to see the current maestro and the legend from another era enjoying life through such playful behaviour. That is the best part of the video.

During the last few years, we have seen Messi doing a clean sweep of all the major trophies and titles. He is just 28 and has already achieved everything in the world of football, except the World Cup of course. The way he is playing this year, his club FC Barcelona might end up with another treble. After winning five Ballon d’Or trophies, a consecutive treble win will push Leo’s stardom even higher.

In his time, Lineker was one of the best strikers around and he is still considered to be one of the most intelligent forwards of all time. For now, we have seen Messi beating Lineker with Foosballing skills. Maybe someday we will see Gary return the favour with something equally silly and amusing.

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