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More TV money for German Bundesliga clubs

635   //    17 Nov 2012, 01:14 IST

The Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) has released the new figures towards what the German Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga clubs will earn in from the seasons, 2013/14 to 2016/17 season from the new TV rights deal that will be signed shortly.The current three-year deal guarantees the DFL 412 Million Euros per year for their 36 German professional teams, while the new four year deal will guarantee 628 Million Euros, which is a substantial increase in broadcast revenues.Under the new deal, Bundesliga clubs will receive 80% of the revenues generated, while the 2.Bundesliga clubs will receive 20%, a percent less then in the earlier deal but due to the much higher income, their share is set to substantially go up.

As per the rules of the Bundesliga, the league leaders will receive 5,8% while the team bottom of the league 2.9% of the share the top tier gets from TV rights, while in the 2.Bundesliga it is 2.25% and 1% respectively.

Also, with the rise in revenues of international broadcast rights the clubs are set to receive more money, which will further strengthen the Bundesliga.

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