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#MourinhoIn: Jose is the right man to lead Manchester United into the light

Rahul Iyer
731   //    07 Oct 2018, 21:15 IST

Manchester United v Newcastle United - Premier League
Mourinho watches on glumly as United attempt to fight back from 2-0 down against Newcastle.

"All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost." This line, from J.R.R Tolkien's popular Lord of the Rings series would not seem out of place even if it had been written exclusively for a book on Jose Mourinho.

If ever there was an example of gold that did not glitter, it would be Mourinho. He is the ugly duckling of world football, but make no mistake, he is a winner. His record in top-flight football is proof enough of that fact. He is now 'the old that is strong', and the old that is strong does not wither. He will not wilt under the pressure of his job and he will not jump before he is pushed.

Mourinho's Myers-Briggs personality type is that of an ENTJ, more commonly known as the Commander. Other famous people in this bracket include Steve Jobs and Gordon Ramsay, who are both infamously difficult, just like Mourinho. His cold and distant demeanour masks the fire that burns in his belly.

His passion is not always seen on the field of play, but rest assured that it is blazing within him. Despite all his moaning and groaning in the media, this is what he enjoys the most. Proving people wrong when everything seems to be against him. ENTJ personality types are known to take satisfaction from conquering each challenge that is thrown at them.

This phase may perhaps be the most trying and difficult period of Mourinho's career thus far. He has drunk multiple times from the chalice of success, but now sees it emptying rapidly as his contemporaries out-think and out-manouevre him. Controversy has courted him wherever he has gone, and Manchester is no different.

Amongst reports of dressing room unrest and disintegrating player relationships, it may seem as though the club is in turmoil, but rest assured, it is in this sort of situation that Mourinho thrives. Now, in his third season at the club, calls for him to be sacked have increased tenfold following a dismal start to the league campaign. The pattern is identical to that which has followed him throughout his career.

At this point, at any other club, one could expect the board to give him the boot within the next week or two. However, it is refreshing to see the United hierarchy publicly support him, which sees us enter uncharted waters.

Amidst rumours that he would be sacked this week, regardless of the result against Newcastle, his team responded magnificently. 2-0 down, at home, inside 10 minutes, it seemed as though it would be another long afternoon for the United fans. But a superb fightback ensured that all 3 points went to the Red Devils.

It is also interesting to note that the goalscorers were Juan Mata, Anthony Martial, and, to clinch the points, Alexis Sanchez. The Mourinho-Mata relationship while the pair were at Chelsea was infamously poor, and the Portuguese has frequently criticized Martial's attitude and questioned his commitment.


It is often almost as if Mourinho is daring his players to prove him wrong, when he takes shots at them. Some respond well to it, others do not. Perhaps fittingly though, it was Sanchez, who was Mourinho's man, the one he desperately wanted to sign, who sealed the deal. Could this be the turning point? Just as Mark Robins famously 'saved' Alex Ferguson's career with his FA Cup-winning goal in 1990, and sparked an era of dominance, could Sanchez have repaid Mourinho's faith in him by being the catalyst for change?

Mourinho has never been this author's favourite personality, who felt he never should have been appointed as United manager in the first place, but upon closer inspection, one cannot help but admire Jose Mourinho. He is, in many ways, the quintessential 'Chosen One'.

He has had an enormous responsibility thrust upon his shoulders, and has a mission to accomplish, with hurdles hampering him every step of the way. No matter how bleak it seems at the moment, he must - and will - succeed.