Moyes Out? Or Moyes In? What type of Manchester United fan are you?

Modified 08 Jan 2014

4. The Believers



“No matter what happens, we WILL keep believing. We can still win the EPL#BEL19VE

5. The Non-Believers

Your team sucks

Uh ho! Bad news is here, and how!

“These players are crap. We can’t win anything with them.”

6. The “we-think-we’re-so-funny” Fans

Manchester United fanzine

Manchester United fanzine ‘Red Issue’ have mocked Ashley Young

“We laugh about the way we play, dis our players and even tease our friends for supporting United right now. But we’re United fans, alright. We just like trolling! #HowardWebbSucks”

7. The Trophy Maniacs

Manchester United Trophies

Trophies… Trophies! Can’t do without ‘em!

“What the hell is Moyes up to?! United should always remain on Top of the Table! Why get a mid-table manager? Why not get someone like Jose?”

(As if Jose will buy players from his own salary)

8. The Delusionists

Ronaldo will come home

This season, or the next – He Will Be Back!

They’ve been saying this since the last decade -

“Mera Ronaldo ayega, Zarroor Ayega

(My Ronaldo will come!! DAMN, He’ll come!!!)”

(YES, of course! Ronaldo is dying to play with Young-Cleverly-Valencia )

Published 02 Jan 2014
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