Apple TV to make 6-part documentary explaining Lionel Messi's surprise move to Inter Miami

Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami as a free agent
Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami as a free agent.

According to The Athletic, Apple TV is set to make a new documentary, giving fans a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes footage from Lionel Messi's Inter Miami move.

The Argentine joined the MLS club as a free agent and made his debut for them on July 21 in a Leagues Cup game against Liga MX side Cruz Azul. Messi has scored eight goals and provided one assist in five games, all in the Leagues Cup.

This will be the second documentary Apple TV is set to make on Lionel Messi, as they also made a detailed one about the Argentinian helping his country win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The Argentina captain has been a success for Inter, taking them to the semifinal of the Leagues Cup, where Inter Miami play Philadelphia Union on Tuesday (August 15).

Peter Drury hails Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi's iconic career has often been made more memorable to fans with Peter Drury on the mic. The commentator has waxed lyrical about the Argentina captain on many of the player's most important career moments.

Drury recently spoke about how he prepares to commentate for a game that Messi features in as he also hailed the Argentie's' abilities. Drury said about Messi (via The Daily Mirror):

"There isn't anybody else like Messi. The challenge with Messi ... is to try and find a new way of expressing what he does. Our job as commentators is to articulate.
"People often say of people like Messi (that) he defies description. Actually, in my view, he doesn’t. He invites description. He does beautiful things."

He added:

"I wouldn’t apologise for perhaps spending five minutes before a Messi game thinking of a different way around talking about Messi because, basically, the full lexicon of adjectives has been and gone with him.
"It’s part of the journalistic challenge. It’s part of the linguistic challenge, if you like, to find a new way to articulate the work of established superstars."

After winning it all in his career, Messi now has the chance to add the Leagues Cup to his collection, which he will hope to do this weekend.

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