Ex-Liverpool striker Andy Carroll's Mercedes GLS SUV worth £130,000 completely destroyed after head-on collision

Andy Carroll
Andy Carroll's uber expensive Mercedes had a head-on collision with another car in East London

Former Liverpool striker Andy Carroll’s £130,000 Mercedes GLS SUV was completely destroyed after a freak head-on collision with another car, The Sun (via Mirror) has reported.

On Saturday afternoon, the former England international’s Mercedes had a head-on collision with a Ford Fiesta in Romford, East London. In the aftermath of the collision, the Ford was tossed 30 yards back up the road. Carroll, who had a friend in the car with him, was not injured in the accident. A man in his 50s, who was in the Ford, however, was taken to the hospital after feeling pain in his chest.

While no one was seriously hurt in the collision, the former Liverpool ace’s fancy ride endured a heavy blow. The side panels and bumper were damaged while one of the front wheels came off.

Police arrived at the scene of the accident and used a breathalyzer on Carroll and the driver of the Ford. The result confirmed that neither driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or other judgment-impairing substances; hence no arrests were made.

Carroll, who became the most expensive player in history after Liverpool signed him for £35 million in January 2011, played 58 games for the Reds across competitions, scoring 11 times.

Eye-witnesses give account of former Liverpool forward Andy Carroll’s freak accident

Andy Carroll was in a state of daze in the aftermath of the accident. However, that did not stop him from checking up on the three Ford passengers. Such was the severity of the accident, that one eye-witness thought it was lucky that no one died.

One eye-witness recalled:

“It was lucky no one died. The Fiesta and Mercedes collided head-on and another vehicle was hit in the carnage. It was a freak accident.”

Another claimed that Carroll even talked to him about the state of his Mercedes. They added:

“I heard the most awful bang. I saw Andy Carroll emerge from his vehicle. He was wandering around in a daze. Andy was in shock but said to me, 'What do you think of my car?' I replied, 'I think it's a write-off, mate'.”

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