Reports emerge about how Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chia deal with Shakira visiting her children

Gerard Pique (via Getty Images)
Gerard Pique (via Getty Images)

Former Barcelona star Gerard Pique's girlfriend Clara Chia Marti reportedly leaves the house when the former defender is visited by his children with Shakira. The former couple have two kids, Milan and Sasha, from their 11-year-long relationship.

Pique and Shakira had their first son in 2013 and their second child was born the following year. The Colombian singer and her former partner announced in June 2022 that they would be going their separate ways.

According to Hola, the two signed a custody agreement for their children a few months ago. The report claims that Shakira, by virtue of the agreement, can take her children to live with her in Miami. However, extensive visitation rights have been provided to Pique during vacations.

The existence of a clause denying permission to Marti from meeting with the former Barcelona man's children has not been confirmed. Sources in contact with Chia Marti's circle, however, report that Pique's new girlfriend has to leave the house when his kids visit.

Addressing these rumors, TV contributor Nacho Gay said (via Hola):

“[Clara Chía] has spent time with those kids during those 15 days they’ve been in Spain. I know for a fact that these kids have been with Clara Chía. There’s no issue; they’re a normal family, a normal couple."

Shakira and Pique seemingly have found a middle ground regarding the treatment of their children following their breakup.

"It’s about protecting them" - Gerard Pique reveals priority after break-up with Shakira

Gerard Pique (via Getty Images)
Gerard Pique (via Getty Images)

Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique recently said that his focus post-breakup with Shakira will remain on his children. The couple, who first met in 2010, ended their 11-year-long relationship in 2022.

Despite a bitter ending between the former couple amid rumors of infidelity on Pique's part, both parties have stated their wish to look out for the betterment of their children.

Speaking about their two sons, Pique said in an interview earlier this year (via Rolling Stone):

"It’s about protecting them. That’s the job of all parents with their kids. That’s what I’m focused on and that’s my role as a father. The day I die, I will look back and hope I have always done what I wanted. I want to be faithful to myself."

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