"I was most disappointed with his family's reaction"- Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier's daughter-in-law says she was called a bad mother for being on OnlyFans and asked to drop last name

Daughter-in-law of Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier
Daughter-in-law of Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier

Southampton icon Matt Le Tissier's daughter-in-law claims she was called a bad mother by the former footballer for being on popular content subscription website 'OnlyFans'. She was even asked by the former Southampton attacker not to use the family surname on the website.

According to The Daily Star, Alex Le Tissier joined the platform after the Covid-19 pandemic in order to provide for her four children. She even considered using food banks due to her desperate financial situation.

Alex, who is married to Le Tissier's son Mitch, claims that she hasn't spoken to the former Southampton star or her mother-in-law since she began her new venture last year. She told the British tabloid:

“At first they would make comments and digs through my husband. They said I am a bad mum for doing this and they made fun of my body. Unfortunately the sex industry isn’t something that a lot of people want to be associated with.
“One of the things that annoyed me most is, you can't go on social media and say things like ‘everybody should have control of their own body in regards to the vaccine’. But you are not going to allow me to have choices over my body when it comes to OnlyFans or Babestation?”

She further added:

“I was most disappointed with his family’s reaction. They were not very nice about it. They asked me not to use my name and for a while I didn’t. At the time it was really hurtful. Prior to being married I kind of had built up my own – I don’t want to say fanbase, but my own little following on Instagram.
“I don’t have millions but I had 25,000 followers and that was all from blogging and I used to do influencer things around Southampton and that was before I got married. So I felt like I had built up my little platform without the name."

She concluded:

“Unless you knew us both already nobody knew I was dating Matt Le Tissier’s son because I’m just not that person. It was hurtful that a narrative was spun that I was using the name to gain clout and the money.”

The mother-of-four earns up to £5000 a month from her newfound work. She has admitted that the money earned has enabled her kids to have most of the things they want and be happy.

Southampton icon Matt Le Tissier's son defends wife for OnlyFans account

In response to rumors about his wife, Matt's son Mitch posted on social media, as per another Daily Star report:

“My official statement. I do laugh seeing these tweets like no way is he alright with her doing that… etc.
“Listen, we all got bits guys. If you think about it, like really think about it, nothing any of us do really matters in the grand scheme of things!"
"So you might as well just do the best you can to have a good time while you’re here!
"We could struggle through life but why should we, when we don’t have to?

He ended by saying:

"It’s just her job, that’s it…"

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