Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs' ex Kate Greville lied about cancer, further accused of planning pregnancy behind his back 

Court case of Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs continues
Court case of Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs continues

Kate Greville, the former partner of Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs, has admitted she lied to him about having cancer, a court heard today.

The Star reports that Ms Greville also faced accusations of planning a pregnancy without Giggs' knowledge. The former Wales manager is on trial for allegedly intimidating, controlling, coercing and physically assaulting Ms Greville. He denies all charges.

At Manchester Crown Court on Thursday, 11 August, Giggs' barrister Chris Daw QC continued his cross-examination of the defendant.

When court resumed for the afternoon, Daw QC questioned Ms Greville on telling the former United captain that she had a bad 'smear test' after she said 'he could tell something was up.'

He proceeded to read a message out from Ms Greville's phone which stated:

"Shall I tell you why I’m being weird… I can’t bring myself to say it…. I haven’t told anyone…… Last time I told you something you brushed it off…. I had a smear test and I have cancerous cells, I have to go to hospital Thursday."

The former Manchester United winger then replied with a message stating:

"OMG. How did you not tell me… I can't believe you didn’t tell me… What did the test say?"
Ms Greville replied by saying: "High-grade dyskaryosis."
Mr Daw then interrupted and said: "That was a lie" to which Ms Greville replied: "Yes."
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Mr Daw then continued in the afternoon by saying:

"You said you didn’t want to talk about it again until Thursday. This is something I want to deal with on my own. You’re telling Mr Giggs you have cancerous cells in your body, you have to go to hospital Thursday and want to deal with this on your own, when the truth was you were having your coil removed."

Kate responded to the inquistion by saying:

"I had to get my coil off and I needed an STD test. I was trying to get him off my back and it was the only thing I could think of. It was awful and I regret saying those things but I had to get him off my back."

She added:

"I knew I wouldn’t have to have sex with him."

Later on in the session, Mr Daw stated:

"If you became pregnant from Mr Giggs you would have received a significant financial settlement and been tied as a couple forever."

To which Ms. Greville said:

"I know I wouldn’t have done that because that’s not what I wanted."
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