"More of a matchwinner" - Manchester United legend Paul Scholes lauds Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard for his impact at the Anfield club

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes spoke about Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard
Manchester United legend Paul Scholes spoke about Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes was recently tasked with choosing between himself and Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

The legendary midfielder said that he couldn't answer the question before picking Gerrard. On the FIVE YouTube channel, Scholes said:

"I Can't answer that. Gerrard. Gerrard's a great player."

Scholes then went on to say:

"We're different, we're very different."

When asked how they are different from each other, he said:

"He's an ahlete. I think he's more of a match winner. But, he was playing in a team where he probably had to be."

Scholes added:

"I was more part of a team. He was more individual I think."

When asked whether they could have replicated each other if they changed teams, the Manchester United legend said:

"I wouldn't be able to do what he did at Liverpool. Whether he could've done it at United, I don't know. I don't see why not. But I couldn't have done what he did at Liverpool, no."

Paul Scholes made 716 appearances for Manchester United, scoring 155 goals and providing 81 assists, winning 11 Premier League titles, among other honors.

Steven Gerrard, meanwhile, had a stellar career at the Merseyside club, winning one UEFA Champions League trophy among other honors. He scored 186 goals and provided 157 assists in 710 matches for the Reds during his career.

When Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher said Steven Gerrard was miles better than Manchester United legend Paul Scholes

One of the most popular questions among Premier League fans is who between Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes, and Frank Lampard was the best. All three players were phenomenal for their respective clubs.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, though, is confident that Gerrard was a lot better than the Manchester United and Chelsea superstars. He said earlier this year on the Peter Crouch podcast (via GOAL):

"It's not even close, is it? People think I don't like Frank Lampard and I don't like Paul Scholes. You know when this debate comes up, and I go 'they were amazing players, but it's not even a debate, it's not close."

Carragher added:

"I'll tell you what kills this debate. Alex Ferguson tried to sign him and so did Jose Mourinho. And they had Scholes and Lampard. I'm not shy, being on the pitch, but he's the one person I've never had a go at on the pitch. I'd lose my head with different things but if it's Stevie... what can I say? You just have to let that one go!"

Both Paul Scholes and Steven Gerrard are two of the greatest midfielders of the Premier League era and served Manchester United and Liverpool in tremendous ways.

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