"Promise no more naked piccies" - Ryan Giggs' old emails read out in court as reports of Manchester United legend 'deliberately' headbutting ex-girlfriend emerge

Giggs in court for alleged assault charge
Giggs in court for alleged assault charge

Old emails sent by Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs have been read out in court amidst emerging reports of the Welshman allegedly headbutting an ex-girlfriend.

The Guardian's Josh Halliday has reported on the alleged emails sent by Giggs, who is currently in court on a charge of coercive behavior and assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her sister

Halliday stated on his Twitter whilst covering the court case:

"Giggs email to Kate Greville read to court: “Please unblock me. All this blocking malarkey is poo. Promise no more naked piccies.” "

Another email was read out to the court which stated:

“LIES LIES LIES, Only an evil horrible c*** does that. Absolutely astonishing. Now I look an utter twat after telling three of my friends I’m going to Scotland at the weekend…”

Further details paint a picture of the sinister behavior of the former United captain, with Halliday tweeting:

"Things became 'heated', jurors told and Giggs 'entirely lost his self control and deliberately headbutted Kate' causing swelling to her head and bleeding to lips. Police were called."
Giggs has stared intently at Peter Wright QC throughout the prosecutor’s opening remarks. They’re about a metre apart, separated by the wood and glass of the court dock. Giggs has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Giggs is also alleged to have been cheating on his ex-girlfriend and his behavior is described as being 'gaslighting', as per BBC.

This is not the first time the former Wales manager has been in the limelight for controversial reasons.

Back in 2011 the former Manchester United star had a well-publicized affair with his brother's wife in a revelation that shocked the football world.

Giggs' Manchester United legacy has been tarnished

Giggs became an Old Trafford legend
Giggs became an Old Trafford legend

The aforementioned BBC report claims that the prosecuter described Giggs as somebody who:

"Was 'idolised' for his skills on the pitch but behind closed doors had a much uglier and more sinister side to his character."

This description paints an ominous picture of a former Manchester United player who has been deemed a club legend at Old Trafford.

Ryan Giggs🎽 963 apps⚽️ 168 goals🏆 34 trophies#MUFC Legend

Giggs won two Champions League trophies, 13 Premier League titles, four FA Cups and the PFA Player of the Year twice during his career.

United's Welsh Wizard forged a career that any player would be envious of and managed to play 632 times for the club in the Premier League.

That places him second on the list of all-time appearances for a player in the Premier League.

But off-the-field, it seems Giggs wasn't the hero that many had become synonymous with when watching him play for the Red Devils.

The court case will continue but the Welshman's legacy in football is being tarnished.

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