"Should be worrying more about himself" - Ex-Liverpool star hits back at Richarlison for UEFA Champions League dig 

Richarlison called out for celebrating LFC's loss
Richarlison called out for celebrating LFC's loss

Former Liverpool defender Jose Enrique has taken a shot at Richarlison after the Everton star mocked the Reds after the Champions League final on May 28. The Brazilian was delighted with Jurgen Klopp's side losing the final against Real Madrid and tweeted a cheeky photo.

Liverpool lost the Champions League final on Saturday night to Real Madrid in Paris, with Vinicius Jr scoring the match's lone goal. Richarlison, who plays for the Reds' arch-rivals Everton, was quick to mock the Anfield side on Twitter.

Enrique was not pleased to see the Everton man and took shots at him. The former Liverpool man was not happy with former Manchester United defender Gary Neville celebrating on social media as well. However, he found it a lot more acceptable because it was being done to trigger Jamie Carragher.

While speaking with Genting Casino, Jose said:

"Richarlison should look at himself. His team was nearly relegated and Everton spent even more than Liverpool in transfer fees. I believe he should look at his team and I see him and Gary Neville riling up fan."

He added:

"I know Gary Neville does it with Jamie Carragher and I know he's a legend for Man United, but Richarlison getting involved when he didn't have the best season in the world, he should be worrying more about himself. He's not clever for getting involved."

Richarlison has been having a go at Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher was not pleased with Richarlison going down 'injured' in Everton's matches this season and called him out. While speaking ahead of a Premier League match, the Reds legend said (via Talk Sport):

"Talking about Richarlison going down is nothing to do with bias. Every Everton game I do he goes down three or four times like he's got a big injury then just gets up! It's not about getting a penalty or a foul but pretending he's hurt when he's not."

Richarlison was not pleased with the comments and took to Twitter to hit back at Carragher.

I actually quite like this, if Twitter was about when I was a player I’m sure I would’ve called pundits out quite a lot!!…

Surprisingly, Carragher did not hit back but found it acceptable for players to make comebacks. He added that he would have done similar things if Twitter existed during his playing days.

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