"Someone has told him it's doesn't exist" - Wolves furious after VAR call in Liverpool draw 

Did VAR make a mistake with Wolves goal at Liverpool?
Did VAR make a mistake with Wolves goal at Liverpool?

Wolverhampton manager Julen Lopetegui was furious with the officials after their goal against Liverpool was ruled out for offside. The Spaniard claimed it was not the right call and VAR not being of any help was unacceptable.

Toti Gomes scored in the final minutes of the 2-2 draw between Wolverhampton and Liverpool, but the goal was ruled out for offside. VAR checked the decision but could not get a camera angle to overrule the lineman's decision.

Speaking to the media after the match, Lopetegui was furious with the officials and said:

"We have seen it, the offside doesn't exist, I'm sorry. It's impossible. Someone has told him it's offside, but we've seen the images, it doesn't exist. The decision is wrong. I make mistakes every day, and sometimes they do too. Today we have the help of VAR, and it is a pity, because I'm sorry, it's not offside."

Reports suggest that the Spanish manager and Wolves captain Ruben Neves went to the official's room to express their displeasure.

Jurgen Klopp commented on the offside decision that went in his side's favor and claimed that they had a picture to prove it might be offside. However, he admitted that he understood Lopetegui's feelings and said:

"I'm not sure about their third goal. We have one picture where it may look offside, but I can understand why they are angry about it. We don't want the VAR to just have one angle."

Liverpool's 2-2 draw with Wolverhampton will see the two sides clash once again in a replay at Molineux.

Pundits not happy with VAR after Liverpool-Wolves controversy

BBC Sport pundits were not happy with the offside decision not being shown to the fans in the stadium. Emile Heskey and Eni Aluko claimed that visuals should be shown to the fans as the decision is being made.

The former Aston Villa striker said:

"We sat in the studio trying to figure out, so are the crowd and the bench."

Aluko believes it was offside and the decision was correct, but could not understand why Anfield cameras did not get the right shot.

"State-of-the-art stadiums - just show it in on the screen. The clarity needs to be there. It is offside, Nunes was in an offside position, but that wasn't initially clear. Now we have the decision but it has to be clearer."

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