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Barcelona's Neymar calls soccer the 'real football' in Superbowl ad

837   //    08 Feb 2016, 22:05 IST
Neymar is on ‘real’ football’s side 

Neymar recently appeared in a Superbowl commercial for Taco Bell in which he mocked NFL fans saying ‘soccer’ as Americans refer to the game is the ‘real football’. The debate of which game is the real football is a long drawn one between the US and footballing world but Neymar has made himself a hero of the footballing world by showing where he stands on the argument.

The Superbowl is the biggest sporting event in the US. It is the big conclusion of the National Football League and millions of viewers across the country tune into the finale. One big part of the Superbowl is its advertisements where companies take advantage of the high viewership the event receive

The ad shows people talking about the new Taco and how it is going to be bigger than many things in this world. One of those things was football which obviously the superbowl crowd interpreted to be American Football. But in a surprise twist, Neymar shocks the whole audience when he kicks the ‘soccer’ ball instead of the American one through the field post. He then turns to the camera and gives his punchline “Its bigger than football, real Football”.  

The Social Media trolls might have been hard at work after that but Neymar won’t mind considering he made every football fan’s day. Neymar is no stranger to commercials as he’s appeared in several before but this was a bold move by the producers and Neymar himself to go with the hilarious pitch.

The Superbowl 50 championship was won by Denver Broncos as they beat Carolina Panthers by 24-10. The video below shows the funny ad by Taco Bell promoting their new product which also features NFL star James Harden and American TV personality Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

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