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North London Derby - Reasons why Arsenal have to win!

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999   //    02 Mar 2013, 23:14 IST


This is an extremely biased post. If you’re used to shoving your opinion down people’s throats, I suggest you swallow it and leave read.

I’ve spent my entire week anticipating the clash between the most prolific team there ever was in North London, i.e., Arsenal FC, with another that grew up in its shadow. Derbies have always been the best bits in a football season, with the most over-hyped one being the El Clasico, which even a non-footballer follower (or the dark side, as I like to call them) has heard about. However, the Manchester derby and the North London derby are no less contenders because of the long history between the two sides, fuelled and strengthened by mutual hate that originally arose from their respective territorial claims. With all the speculation and hype surrounding the growing form of Christian… er, Gareth Bale ( I pulled a Fergie out there), there seems to be a lot of odds and bananas tipped towards the Spu*s side, which led to me to drill reasons why we need to win tomorrow’s game more than ever:


Its our job to show them their rightful place . It’s downright unearthly to see them scampering above in the table, a place where they don’t belong.

#2: Wenger’s Motto


This season has been tumultuous for us to say the least, and things don’t look so steady right now. With the away game of the Champions League Round of 16 against Bayern looming (I’m not going to sugarcoat this one) things look increasingly bleak, however to maintain that trend of qualifying for the CL & finishing top 4, it is imperative that we succeed, unless the only place we want to remain top 4 in is the alphabetical order.

#3: If wagering is illegal, I do not claim the following lines if you happen to brandish a legal notice in my face

I’ve placed a humongous bet against certain goals (I won’t name who for the fear of jinxing it) and Arsenal scurrying away with 3 points obviously, and losing that kind of money would mean no dramatic increase in my shoe collection this month, which would in turn make me very, very mad.



I’m sure God has a funny bone in his body, because he decided to place a Spu*s supporter smack in the middle of my batch. Like filling my family with United supporters wasn’t treacherous enough. Yeah, Spu*s fans do exist, pretty rare creatures since the inception and butchering of their team by ours. I don’t think I’d have the strength to do the walk of shame, and my poor attendance is going to bear the brunt of it.

#5: (W)ilshere, (W)alcott, (W)in

Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League

Because we are THE MIGHTY ARSENAL and we don’t lose to scum, ever. It’s in our blood, North London shall forever remain red. It’s time for the natural order of things to be restored.

#6. Beer

Its a perfect excuse to bring in that six pack you’ve been eyeing over the week. Okay, I don’t need an excuse for that, and I think I’ve got only 2 left anyway.

What are your views on tomorrow’ game? Comment. Banter. Be heard… and ridiculed if your grammar is atrocious. Yes, I judge.