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Now a football that generates power?

Rupam Bagish
791   //    08 Mar 2013, 16:52 IST
SOCCKET prototype

SOCCKET prototype

A football which generates electricity while being kicked around is under the production stage and synonymously has been christened SOCCKET.

An interesting feature about this ball is that it has night-time lighting  due to an internal pendulum as well as a mechanism for recharging a battery which powers the lamp.

The developer, Uncharted Play, is hoping to raise $75,000 on Kickstarter for this project ahead of producing  it. If  you are ready to lighten your pockets by$99 (approx. 5000 rupees), before it sells out, you should expect to receive the ball by August.

This idea is expected to be quite a help for those dwelling in poverty-stricken areas where electricity is some what a difficult proposition.

Adding to this, it can be a very good entertainment for kids as they can play football. Well, this can definitely make some poor kids happy but also can prove to be useful for their families due to its innovative feature of lighting at night without any further expenses on fuel and electricity.

Soccket generates electricity from the energy of the kids which they put on it anyway while playing or kicking unlike other sources like kerosene -fueled or dirty coal power plants which are very harmful for the population and climate. It looks a very bright step following a lot of  go-green initiatives all over the globe.

Interestingly, next in the line is a swing that generates electricity.

Rupam Bagish
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