Oblivious interviewer hilariously mistakes Andre Schurrle for pro-gamer; Schurrle plays along

Andre Schürrle was mistaken for a professional ‘Call of Duty’ gamer by the oblivious interviewer.

Wolfsburg forward and German international footballer Andre Schürrle certainly had one of the most interesting interviews of his life when he was mistaken for a professional Call of Duty / Counter Strike gamer by an oblivious interviewer. To his credit, the winger wasn’t offended at all and simply chose to adopt the persona of “Christian Chmiel, 2008 ESL pro-series champion” for several minutes instead.

The interview takes place in a Call of Duty launch event sponsored by Activision on the pretty popular German Twitch channel. The people doing the show told the host that he is an e-sport player and gave her a slightly altered Wikipedia article of Christian Chmiel.

The interview is in German, but Reddit User sueha provides a translation for the first part of the interview as follows:

Host: "I'm excited to do this spontaneous interview. Since it was so spontaneous, I was only given a Wikipedia article and I may now say hello to Christian Chmiel, who was 2008 ESL pro-series champion and is now back - hello, Christian."

Schürrle: "Hello. Nice to be here!!"

Host: "I'm surprised you can speak German because in my article it says you're from England and I wanted to talk English to you but you said "wie geht's" (German for 'how are you')"

Schürrle: "Yeah, my Mom is German and my Dad is from England but that may not be part of your Wikipedia article."

Host: "Nice, so you were raised bilingually?"

Schürrle: "Exactly."

Host: "I have a few questions for you. Do you think that Denial won deservedly against Revenge in this year's championships?"

Schürrle (laughing): "Once again please?"

Host: "Ok! Why are you laughing?"

Schürrle: "It's just... I played a few times against him and yeah..."

Host: "So he is a no-name to you?"

Schürrle: "Yeah, he had no chance, one has to say."

Host: "Okay, but at the tournament... Do you think that Denial won deservedly against Revenge?"

Schürrle: "Yeah, definitely, I think it was a good ga- Hahahaha"

Host: "Why is everybody laughing? Are you dumb? I mean not you (to Andre)"

Schürrle: "I guess I have to clear up something here..."

Reddit User taedison_ provides the translation of the rest of the interview. The German Version of the interview can be found here.

Host: Gunnar (Guy who gave her the Wikipedia article) do you want to tell me something? And who is Christian Chmiel then?

(Schürrle takes the Wikipedia article)

Host: Please, read who you are supposed to be.

Schürrle (reads): He is an e-sports player. He won the Championship in the game Counter Strike five times. Yes, that's definitely not me

Host: Ok, but what's with the 9th January. Is this really your birthday?

Schürrle: Erm, no.

Host: What a shame, that's my birthday. I thought that would be cool. Sh*t.

Host: Well, you probably did not play in the clan "Moussports", right?

Host: OK, let me ask you then: Who are you?

Schürrle: I'm a football player. German national team. Andre Schürrle.

(Gives him her hand)

Host: Hi, nice to meet you, Andre. (laughing)

Schürrle: Nice to meet you, too. (laughing)

Host: Then let's just apply my Call of Duty questions to football.

Host: The actual first questions would be, which rank did you have in the last MLG-Championship, so how were you ranked in your last competitions?

Schürrle: We were runners-up...

Host: in?

Schürrle: In the Bundesliga.

Host: That is pretty good!

Schürrle: Really good. Then we won the Pokal. So we had a pretty good season, that was nice.

Host: And you said that you were in the national team. What did you win lastly there?

(Everybody starts laughing)

Host (to the people behind the camera): Come on, I thought that would be a interview about the game. Do you think I know anything about football?

Schürrle: You don't know?

Host: No, not at all.

Schürrle: I've been told we are going to do an interview about football.

Host: I've been told we are going to talk about Call of Duty...

Schürrle: Wo won the World Cup with the national team.

Host: Oh, right, I think I actually watched that.

Schürrle: You saw that, right?. We won that.


Host: Ok, second question, are you rather the "objective" or the "slayer"? OK, let me explain: Objective is the player who take flags and plant bombs. Slayer is the player who is rather in rage-mode and kills everybody.

Schürrle: I'm more of a slayer. Just wandering around planting bombs is not my thing, you have to be in the game.

Host: So, what do you play? So for me, everybody watching probably knows it already.

Schürrle: What I play? Football.

Host: Yes but where. There are positions, right? Analogue to slayer or objective?

Schürrle: Not quite.

Host: But, do you have a favorite position?

Schürrle: Oh, I see, yeah I like to play as a striker. The one who scores the goals. Like the slayer who gets trough the defence and scores the goals.

Host: Ok, last question, I have so many football-ques... (laughing) After that World Cup question I better not ask you more about football.

Host: (To the people behind the camera): Should I ask an easy or complex question? Easy? Ok.

Host: Who do you think are going win the next Championship.

(Schürrle looks confused)

Host: In football.

Schürrle. Oh, in football. Ok. Would be nice if we would win that, but it is difficult.

Host: In what team do you play?

Schürrle: Wolfsburg.

Host: Vfl Wolfsburg?

Schürrle (surprised): Yes, right.

Host: I do know that from the radio.

Schürrle: Yes, it would be nice if we would win, but there are enough other teams who would also like to win.

Host: Now, of course, I hope you win.

Schürrle: Very good, one fan more.

Host: Yes, that was Andre, right?

Schürrle: Yes, not Christian.

Host: F**k you Gunnar. (to Schürrle) Do you want to say goodbye?

Schürrle: Sure, ciao.


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