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One more Champions league controversy

671   //    06 Mar 2013, 13:22 IST

Today most of the sports websites, blogs and news channels are talking about the controversy between Manchester United and Real Madrid Champions League match. The match was marred by the weird decision from the ref to send Nani off. I thought I too must post my comments and not miss the change to vent my frustration on  yet another person.

I for one am frustrated with people calling Nani’s challenge a tackle. They say Nani was off because it was dangerous play and a dangerous tackle.

Let me tell you what a “dangerous play” mean – Dangerous play is the act of risking injury to an opponent with a reckless or clumsy challenge. The referee will award a free-kick to the opposition, and may give a yellow or red card to the perpetrator.

To all those ABU “EXPERTS” who say that challenge can be regarded as ‘dangerous play’, it was NOT a Challenge or a foul for that matter.

Nani was looking over his shoulder and was trying to control the ball. It was Ramos that came running in on Nani and in the process collided with Nani.

Nani was trying to control, so that means he needed a soft toe or touch. So in what sense was that a Challenge?

Roy Keane today gave his not much needed opinion and said that it should have been a red card.

Mr. Roy Keane, don’t be too vocal with your Anti United views.

You may regret it as you are one of the most respectable figures at Old Trafford. A suggestion for you is please enjoy the respect and status that you get from United fans.

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