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An open letter to Jose Mourinho from a Chelsea fan

Mourinho was named as the manager of Manchester United for next season.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho was sacked by Chelsea last season

Dear Jose Mourinho,

Ever since I heard that you were going to Manchester United, I felt sad. Sad at the fact that our relation came to a point where I wish you do not succeed at this particular club. Sad at the fact that I want you to lose rather than win with the Red Devils. Sad at the fact that I want you to get fired this very moment. Sad at the fact that our “love story” is over.

With each passing day, the rumours grew and became stronger. It finally came to a point where everyone was waiting when would it be official rather than would it be official? When you were officially announced as Manchester United’s manager, a little part of me died inside.

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I would have to see you in that red jersey. I had never imagined Manchester United fans chanting your name; the same fans that previously cursed you and now want you to get their club back on track.

This season was a nightmare for the Chelsea fans and we wanted it to end as soon as possible. With the season coming to an end, all of us thought that the misery is over. It’s time to look forward to a new season and to forget about what happened. But then, life had another surprise for us.

Jose Mourinho
Mourinho will look to bring the Premier League title back to Manchester United 

Manchester United announced ‘our’ Jose Mourinho as their manager. With time, we will forget about this season but how do forget about you managing the Red Devils? It has only been one season since our legend, Petr Cech, moved to Arsenal and I have started to live with it and then this happened. And now there are rumours about you wanting Willian. I just hope this is a passing rumour and nothing more than that. 

The season hasn’t even started and it annoys me knowing you’re a Red. Week-in week-out to see you in that red shirt, managing our rivals, celebrating with them in the good times and supporting them in their bad times, winning a cup with them, fans chanting your name, backing their players whenever required; all of this is killing me inside.

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You have signed a 3-year contract with an option to stay till at least 2020. As much as I love you, I cannot see you managing the Reds for that long a period. I hope your tenure with Manchester United is a very brief one and I wish you do not succeed at this club.

Not because I have started to hate you, it’s just because I cannot see you in that Red jersey. I know you are a professional and you’re only doing your job, but there were so many other clubs interested in you, like PSG and Real Madrid rumors were also in the air. You could have joined either of them. Nevertheless, I wish you succeed everywhere and anywhere you go and people love you but let this tenure with Manchester United be an exception. 

Former Blues squaring up against Chelsea is nothing new 

When Frank Lampard joined Manchester City, I convinced myself that it was a loan from New York and when he scored against us at Stamford Bridge, a part of me died inside. When Petr Cech joined Arsenal, he said he wanted to live in London with his family as they were settled, and hence, he didn’t want to move. I moved on from that. But how do I convince myself to live with the fact that you managed a club in Premier League that was not Chelsea?

I have learned one thing, that in football anything can happen. With the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Samuel Eto'o joining Chelsea, Robin van Persie joining Manchester United, Cech joining Arsenal; this list is never ending. I hope you get my point. Never write off anything.

Our love story has become complicated. Nothing can change the fact that I still love and admire you and as much as I would have wanted you to succeed in any other club, I want you to fail this first and last time with the Reds. You are that kind of a manager that every club wishes to have but none wish to face.

I look forward to the Chelsea vs Manchester United game this season. I look forward to seeing you back at Stamford Bridge, only to be on the losing end this time. You will get a reception that no other manager has received till now. I look forward to seeing you back as our manager some day. You were, you are, and you always will remain a Blue. Once a Blue, always a Blue.


A Chelsea fan 

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