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Opinion: If there is anyone who can lead Man United towards the future, it is Jose Mourinho

2.18K   //    13 Oct 2018, 19:37 IST

Jose Mourinho can still save Manchester United
Jose Mourinho can still save Manchester United

Let us first admit that Manchester United are in an abyss right now. Let us do that loud and clear. Let us get the fact out of the way that Manchester United are not the biggest club in the world right now. Not according to the Premier League standings and not according to the way they are playing.

What is wrong with Manchester United?

Manchester United have forgotten how to win and more importantly, how to play attacking and beautiful football. The comeback win against Newcastle was extremely important and the media went ga-ga over that and that's alright, but the truth is that Manchester United do not seem capable of churning out performances like that day in and day out.

The problem seems aggravated with a lack of wing-play and a seemingly under-confident line of central defenders. Horrific signings and an absence of star players with champion mentalities have only added salt to the wounds.

An overall cloud of negativity seems to be shadowing the club at the moment and it has filtered down to even the management and staff. It begins with the hierarchy of the powers-that-be and Manchester United are now only a rich man's Stoke City.

The players seem to have forgotten how to win or even how to express themselves on the field. They seem lost and look like they're just going through the motions.

What can be better at Manchester United?

The list of what can be improved at Manchester United is long but if you want to narrow it down to what is really important, what the club needs is a major overhaul. Right from the top of the executive level down to the management and coaching staff including deadwood players, long-ranged changes need to be brought in if there is any real change to be seen.

The Glazers, owners of Manchester United come across as completely indifferent to the needs and wants of the team and are concerned only with the incoming revenue. The appointment of Ed Woodward, practically a Chartered Accountant as Chief Executive to deal with the workings of the football world was disastrous. Manchester United need a Sporting Director and someone who has played top-flight football in that role.

The place of Jose Mourinho, however, cannot be questioned as it needs to be firmly asserted that if there is anyone who can lead the Red Devils towards the future, it is him.

How can Jose Mourinho rebuild Manchester United?

Jose Mourinho is a serial winner and therefore someone who possesses a winner's mentality. He has won the greatest prize in club football, the Champions League, twice and therefore knows what it takes to win. Mourinho needs to be backed and given a little bit of time before judging him or even calling for his head. Sure, he builds defensively and focusses on strong possession-based football, but if that wins Manchester United games then perhaps it is the right way to go.


Mourinho did not gain a team full of superstars or one which knew how to play at the highest level and yet, he has delivered two major championships and one charity title for United already. What he can do better, though, is sell players like Antonio Valencia, Marcos Rojo and Phil Jones who have no place in the club anymore and bring in fresh blood who can infuse some positivity.

The only way out for United now is to trust Mourinho and give him everything that he needs because it may seem like he is losing the fans' faith in the short-run but building the team's trust in the long one. He can take the team to great heights and must be believed in. If not his words at press conferences, his record speaks for him!