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Players who have played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid

Hardik Sharma
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Luis Enrique celebrates scoring for Barcelona
Luis Enrique celebrates scoring for Barcelona

'El Clasico' is a well-known term in the football world. And why not? These two words carry the weight of two of the greatest football clubs in the world - namely, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona

The Spanish terms when translated to literal English means 'The Classic'. 

The fierce rivalry between these two Spanish giants is more than a century old and is considered a classic. 

It is not only the most watched game in Spain but also averages an audience of over 500 million viewers worldwide. Due to the vast fan bases of these two clubs across the globe, the pressure on the players playing in an El Clasico is unimaginable.

Between all the chaos caused by this intense rivalry, imagine a player moving from Real Madrid to Barcelona or vice versa. The amount of criticism the player will have to face and the fans who once chanted his name would be out there booing him this time.

#5 Luis Enrique (Real Madrid, 1991-96 and Barcelona, 1996-04)

Enrique is the only player in this list who has moved directly from Real Madrid to FC Barcelona. Enrique also became the manager of the Catalan Giants in 2014. Not only has he experienced El Clasico as a player of both the Spanish teams but also as a manager of Barcelona. In 1995, Los Blancos were not successful in extending Enrique's contract, giving him the chance to sign with the Blaugrana.

Enrique made 157 appearances for Real Madrid, scoring 15 goals, but his career reached heights during his spell with Barcelona as he played 207 times for the Blaugrana, scoring 73 goals.

He displayed some of his most incredible performances in El Clasico ties when playing for Barcelona as he felt unappreciated by Real Madrid's executives who refused to extend his contract.

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