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Rangers chief executive wants to move the club to England

767   //    25 Mar 2013, 16:07 IST
Charles Green (R)

Charles Green (R)

Charles Green, the chief executive of Scottish club Rangers, has vowed to take the club into English football within the next five years.

Green also believes that Rangers rivals Celtic will follow them. Rangers were demoted to the Scottish third-tier league after financial difficulties and Green has no intention to re-launch the club in Scotland.

“Whether it is next week, because the English authorities change their mind, or in five to 10 years, Rangers and Celtic will leave Scotland,” Green told the Daily Mirror.

“I would like to think within five years. I say to English clubs: Don’t be afraid of the unknown. There will be cross-border leagues and that will change the face of European football. These doors are opening.

“I have spoken to a number of chief executives from Premier League clubs and all of them would welcome Rangers. Of the 20 people I have spoken to directly, or people on my behalf have spoken to, throughout the leagues, only two have said no.

“Why would football clubs or football authorities not want Rangers and Celtic? If they say: ‘It wouldn’t add anything into the game’, they are lying. I watched Southampton play Wigan. The stadium wasn’t full. There were empty seats. Now there is no way on God’s earth that any team that Rangers play will have empty seats.”

Green made it clear that he is not aiming for the Premier League right away, but will first enter the lower leagues.

“I don’t want to go into the English Premier League,” added Green. “It would be wrong. If the Premier League sent me an invite saying we could start next year, I would turn it down.

“I don’t want to go into the Football League, but what I do want to do is to start playing football in England, and knowing that if I win that league, I get promoted to the next one and the next one.


“Could you imagine the income generation Rangers and Celtic would create in the Conference? Every Conference stadium would be full and then to work through the leagues over the next three or four years would refresh English football because this staleness that is affecting Scottish football is prevalent here.”

Source: espnfc

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