Top 5 Liverpool vs Arsenal games in recent history

Liverpool and Arsenal have played some real crackers.
Liverpool and Arsenal have played some real crackers.
Divesh Merani

#3 Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal (2013-14)

Liverpool weresimply breathtaking here.
breathtaking here.

This game was the one which made the Liverpool fans start to believe that they could challenge for the Premier League title. Arsenal was top at this point with a cautious lead, but were utterly dismantled by the rampant Reds.

Martin Skrtel scored two goals in the opening ten minutes of this crazy game, much to the shock of the Arsenal players and supporters. Their misery was compounded with goals from Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge inside the first 20 minutes.

After that whirlwind opening stretch which saw Liverpool take an astonishing 4-0 lead, the game calmed down. Sterling would add another to make it a five-goal humiliation for Arsenal, before Mikel Arteta scored a penalty. This game was one of Liverpool's best in a season littered with goalfests, while another one embarrassing game for Arsenal's fragile defence. And astonishingly, Luis Suarez was not among the scorers.

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