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Real Madrid fans shouldn't boo their players, says Rafael Nadal

3.44K   //    10 May 2015, 17:09 IST
Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal in the stands at the Santiago Bernabeu during Real Madrid’s 2-2 draw against Valencia

Rafael Nadal, an ardent Real Madrid supporter, was present at the Santiago Bernabeu last night during Real Madrid’s 2-2 draw against Valencia as the hosts gave away two points, giving rivals Barcelona the chance to win the league even if they fail to beat Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas was heavily criticised by fans for his failed attempt in keeping Paco Alcacer’s goal out, and Nadal believed that the criticism was unjustified. This was after Nadal had reached the final at the Madrid Open. 

"Iker is not to blame for the goals," Nadal was quoted by Marca while speaking to Canal+. “What seems to have happened is the public is just too demanding. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Iker Casillas...”

“These are players who have done a lot for this club. As a rule, one's own players shouldn't be booed, but I can only understand booing someone who doesn't try or doesn't care. When someone does their utmost, you can't ask any more than that."

"The crowd are free to do as they please, but people have to remember the good times these players have given them,” he continued.

Nadal also agreed that the draw meant that the title race was over for Real Madrid with Barcelona now needing only a single win to secure the league title. Barcelona play Atletico Madrid away, but their final league fixture is against Deportivo at home.

"That draw has essentially given Barca the Liga trophy, pretty much. One simply has to congratulate Barca,” he adds. "I don't think Real Madrid had one eye on Wednesday's clash with Juve. They shouldn't have been [doing that], anyway."

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