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Reports: Real Madrid willing to offer three superstars for £179 million forward

Anirudh Menon
9.08K   //    12 Oct 2017, 12:50 IST

Florentino Perez Real Madrid
Florentino Perez has identified his next "Galactico"

What's the story?

Well, well, well.

Trust the Daily Star, and Diario Gol, to make things interesting just as the transfer market and associated rumour mills started calming down in the wake of the euphoria of international teams making the World Cup and the sadness of those who missed out.

The good folk over at the English daily believe that Florentino Perez is ready to take that mantle hoisted upon him by Bayern Munich's Jupp Heynckes ("I have been extremely impressed by Real Madrid, who are the model to follow" he told a press conference earlier this week) and throw it out of the window... and bring back the glorious Galactico era that earned him his fame!

To this end, he is ready to swap three, that's right - three, superstars to lure Tottenham Hotspur and the famously hard to crack Daniel Levy to part with his €200 million (or £179 million) man Harry Kane.

The three superstars being Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, and Luka Modric - yeah, I know right!

In case you didn't know

Harry Kane has been in the kind of purple patch that most strikers only dream of and has been banging in goals for fun, something that his two consecutive Premier League Golden Boot awards will stand as a testament for.

Kane already has scored 6 in 7 PL games this season, and considering he didn't even score one in August... well, it's hard to see anyone take that Boot off him anytime soon!


He is certainly amongst the best forwards in the world at the moment.

Fun fact, and one that undoubtedly piqued Perez's interest.... No one, apart from Lionel Messi, has scored more goals in 2017 than Kane

The heart of the matter

The reports claim that Perez's reasoning is based on cold logic. Both Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema seem to be permanently on verge of exiting Madrid (and are on the bad books of the Bernabeu crowd) but Bale's injury history means he alone won't be enough to swing the deal. Considering Kane is being brought in to replace Benzema, it seems natural enough that the Frenchman be added to the deal.

Luka Modric, 33, is believed to be replaceable by Matteo Kovacic and Dani Ceballos both inspirational attack-minded midfielders who rarely get a look-in for the big games due to Modric's sheer quality


Harry Kane is on the way to (if he hasn't gotten there yet) to becoming the out-and-out best center-forward in the world, and here's why:

The lad can score goals, a lot of them! And he's only 24!

Author's Take

On the face of it the reasoning seems ok. But what it does not take into account is Cristiano Ronaldo. As wonderful as the great man is on his own, Benzema's selflessness and superb off-the-ball running are what help make the Portuguese so very deadly, and so very prolific. Meanwhile, Luka Modric's game has never been based on power, athleticism or speed - and age has done naught but better that shrewd footballing brain.

Unless, of course, Perez is planning for the future and wants to ease off his team's dependence on Ronaldo for goals.

Another thing the reports don't factor is just what makes this attractive for Levy and Spurs - money from Kane's sale can be reinvested in the squad but the purchase of 3 ageing superstars (as good as they are) may not go down well with Mauricio Pochettino.

But seriously, 3 Real Madrid superstars for 1 Tottenham superstar (as good as he is), that'll be the day!

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