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Recommended reading: Jonathan Wilson and the boom of tactical analysis in football (InsideLeft)

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Jonathan Wilson is a name synonymous with tactical insights into the game of football. With his book, “Inverting The Pyramid”, Wilson firmly established himself as one of the pioneers of analysing football matches from a tactical perspective, and with his unique take on how culture, society and traditions affected the birth and consequent shaping of football in various countries, he brought forth to the world an entirely different way of looking at the game of football.

In a recent interview with InsideLeft, Jonathan Wilson discusses the impact that his books and writing have had on the world of journalism, and how his writing has gone on to inspire thousands of writers, who, without any formal training or coaching, are churning out tactical analysis of the highest order.

There was a time when football analysis was best left to the experts, and those without a foothold in the game preferred to stay away from such content. But with the advent of social media and on-demand statistic websites, the armchair fan has turned into an armchair expert, capable of reading, understanding and figuring out a game of football. Some would go on to say that they know more than the managers of their team themselves, but that is a story for another day.

Wilson’s honest and frank opinions on a number of matters make for a refreshing read, and the fact that a journalist of his calibre is open to a discussion of this nature speaks highly about his contribution to football and journalism.

The full article can be found here: Jonathan Wilson on the boom of Tactical Analysis

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