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René Meulensteen: David Moyes ignored advice of Manchester United staff

Ed Ran
25 Apr 2014, 10:26 IST
David Moyes René Meulensteen

David Moyes and René Meulensteen

Former Manchester United coach René Meulensteen has accused David Moyes of not listening to more experienced staff at Old Trafford and ignoring advice.

Moyes was sacked by Manchester United this week after a 2-0 loss to Everton ensured that Manchester United was mathematically out of contention for a Champions League spot for next season.

Meulensteen said that Moyes could blame no one but himself for leaving the Old Trafford club in seventh position with a squad that won the League title last season because he had underestimated the job at hand.

“You have to look at Manchester United and the job that David Moyes took on.”

“United were a very successful team, with many successful years behind them. The strategies in place worked. But David ignored the advice that was given to him by many of the staff in place at the time.

“He opted to put his own plans in place, which he was perfectly entitled to do, but I think it backfired on him. I always strongly believe the performances and the results are a reflection of what is actually happening behind the door and that wasn’t good enough, as simple as that.

Meulensteen also mentioned that he tried to warn him by telling him that a move from Everton to Manchester United was like moving from a “yacht to a cruise liner” and that he was going to need all the help he could get.

“Don’t forget David was a respected manager in the Premier League who worked for 11 years at Everton in a very good way. But I did warn him: ‘Do you realise, after everything at Everton, you’re going from a yacht to a cruise liner? That’s how big the difference will be.’”

It’s not just necessarily the work on the pitch. It’s everything that surrounds Manchester United, the players, the performances, the pressure, the style, the identity. And I think he underestimated that. It’s always easy in hindsight but unfortunately it’s cost him his position.”


Meulensteen also thought that Moyes made a mistake when he brought his own coaching staff from Everton which ultimately led to Meulensteen leaving Old Trafford

“It became very evident to me after a few meetings with David Moyes that he wanted to bring in his own people and do it his own way.”

“I felt very strongly that things would change dramatically for myself and the position I held so I didn’t feel there was a good foundation to carry on.”

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