Rio Paralympics 2016: Video - Visually impaired football player scores fantastic solo goal

Iran’s Behzad Zadaliasghari scored an outstanding solo goal at the Rio Paralympic Games

The Rio Paralympic Games are not being covered live on any television platform across India like the Rio Olympics Games had been covered. However, there is one little piece of footage you should definitely see – the video of the 5-a-side match between Iran and Morocco at the Paralympic Games shows one of the visually impaired Iranians score a beautiful solo goal, which would have been a challenging task for even the visually paired.

The video footage shows Iran’s Behzad Zadaliasghari dribbling the ball from the touchline as he runs past three players of the Morocco team. The goal is not just special for the way Zadaliasghari dribbles, he cuts inside and dribbles past the opponents, showing trickery and flair, and shoots a bullet past the opposition goalkeeper.

It is also a very special goal because, in the 5-a-side competition, all the outfield players are visually impaired and are supposed to wear shades to make them completely blind. The ball has a noise-making device inside it which aids the players in following the ball and it is the coaches and the goalkeepers who shout out the instructions to their outfield players. The only players on the pitch to have the ability to see properly are the goalkeepers of both the teams.

It is a goal from the Iranian which could win a Paralympics Puskas Award for the way the player keeps the ball glued to his feet and scores with an impeccable finish from outside the box against a goalkeeper who was always watching the attacker and the ball.

The game ended with Iran winning the match 2-0 against Morocco and will face Brazil in their final round-robin game before the top two teams from each group advance to the semifinals.

Edited by Staff Editor
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