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Romelu Lukaku: 5 reasons it's too early to write him off

Shambhu Ajith
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94   //    30 Dec 2017, 12:30 IST

It's too early to get thrown into the shark tank

Maybe the illusion of detachment caused by the idiot box snowballs the disenchantment but aren't we often being way too critical of the players? Sure, they're on TV and projected on screens worldwide, but are we just too quick to forget that they're human too? Or maybe I'm just being too liberal. These are world-class athletes and we have come to expect nothing short of that billing.

Romelu Lukaku looks as though he burned too much gas to at the beginning and is tapping the reserve by the trickle. He is simply not scoring enough goals. But for a player who has already scored 10 goals in the Premier League and another 4 in the Champions League, I feel like we're half-a-dozen-months early to be writing him off.

Now that the pre-analysis pleasantries are over, let's dive right in and see as to why it is way too early to deem Lukaku a failure.

#5 Romelu Lukaku is only 24 years old

For a player who has been among the most prolific strikers over the past few seasons, Lukaku is still a very young lad. He is 24-years-old for heavens sakes and is still a good 3 years away from hitting his peak.

Not only has Lukaku played in the top flight and racked up 'em goals but he has got us to get used to it. So much so that all that entertainment has come to be taken for granted.

But from a striker for whom United paid around £75m, we expect no less. That doesn't mean we can rile him up and steal his rug like the thugs in The Big Lebowski.

"Where are the goals, Lukaku? Give me the goals, Lukaku."

Relax, he may not look it but the Belgian giant is just a young lad with as vulnerable a cranium as most of ours and sooner or later, he will figure it out and step up.

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