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Ronaldo's unknown quiet side revealed by Portugal teammate Andre

Sunaadh Sagar
30 Jul 2016, 19:53 IST
Ronaldo Quiet Portugal Andre Andre
Cristiano Ronaldo is the talisman for Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo has a quiet side to him that the world is clueless about, revealed former Portugal national team player Andre Andre. The FC Porto midfielder, who missed out on Portugal's Euro 2016 winning campaign due to an injury problem, also praised the Real Madrid star as the ‘best in the world’ and reflected positively on A Seleção das Quinas’ future.

Andre Andre played alongside Ronaldo in the qualification campaign for Euro 2016, and quickly began to notice the disparity between Ronaldo’s celebrity, ego-fuelled public persona and the reality before him. Speaking at the launch of FC Porto’s New Balance kit for the 2016/17 season, Andre revealed the truth about Ronaldo, saying “He is a very quiet person, a normal person. People do not know do not know the quiet side of Cristiano.

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Andre missed out on a memorable Euro 2016 tournament, but still talked up Portugal’s future, especially with Ronaldo leading them. The FC Porto midfielder was full of praise for the Real Madrid forward, saying “Portugal have got top coaches and the best player in the world [Cristiano Ronaldo].

Each person has to feel proud of their national team. The Selecao is also important for immigrants who have left the country. Our team unites everyone. Only those who are not Portuguese wouldn’t love the Selecao.

Ronaldo’s private persona also vouched for by Quaresma

There are many who accuse Ronaldo of letting his worldwide fame go to his head, with words like ‘arrogant’ and ‘egoistic’ thrown about. However, it seems the Madrid superstar’s behaviour as captain of the Portugal national side is wildly different, with teammate Ricardo Quaresma also earlier dispelling notions that Ronaldo was arrogant.

Quaresma was utterly convinced that Ronaldo is misunderstood, claiming “[Ronaldo] is a person who likes to play. He's not as arrogant as people paint. And he is a great captain. A person who's always ready to help our colleagues. He is a person who never let himself go down for anything or anyone.

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Given the statements from many of Ronaldo's teammates, it would seem as though much of the world is mistaken about Ronaldo’s nature, although his frequent strops on the field when things do not go his way might temper those arguments.

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