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Ronaldo wants to be a movie star

1.19K   //    21 Nov 2012, 10:20 IST

CNN’s Pedro Pinto spends a day with one of the world’s true football superstars, Cristiano Ronaldo.

He talks about a lot of stuffs, like how he has evolved as a person, his thoughts on the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

Few of these questions were:

Pedro Pinto: Your favourite goal ever?
Cristiano: …wow…
Pedro Pinto: I remember the one against Porto…?
Cristiano: Hm, no.
Pedro Pinto: A freekick? One of the “bullets”?
Cristiano: A “rocket”! They call them rockets…No. The one in the Champions League with Manchester against Rome. The header.
Pedro Pinto: Your best moment?
Cristiano: In football?
Pedro Pinto: Yes.
Cristiano: When I won… I have a few… When I won the Champions League, when…
Pedro Pinto: Ok, let’s pick that, one answer.
Pedro Pinto: Worst moment?
Cristiano: When I lost the 2004 final against Greece with the national team. You remember?
Pedro Pinto: I was there. It hurt a lot. I can imagine how much it [hurt]…
Cristiano: Yes.
Pedro Pinto: … and you should have won.
Pedro Pinto: La Liga or English Premier League?
Cristiano: Both.
Pedro Pinto: Really?
Cristiano: Yes.
Pedro Pinto: You’re not going to give me an answer?
Cristiano: Do I have to pick one?
Pedro Pinto: It’s not that I am going to force you or anything…
Cristiano: Ok, I said both, but if you want one, then La Liga.
Pedro Pinto: If you were FIFA President, what would you change in football? Like one rule..
Cristiano: One rule? Like in rugby, that you use the technology to see whether the ball went in or no.
Pedro Pinto: You mean the instant replay?
Cristiano: Yes.
Pedro Pinto: Who is your favourite sports person?
Cristiano: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson…
Pedro Pinto: The last time you cried?
Cristiano: …last time I cried…
Pedro Pinto: Have you cried since the Bayern game? ‘Cause I know you cried after the Bayern game…Was that the last time?
Cristiano: Yeah, that one… [still thinking].
Pedro Pinto: After your career ends: manager, media, movies?
Cristiano: Movies.
Pedro Pinto: You’d like to be an actor?
Cristiano: Yeah, why not?
Pedro Pinto: Have you tried?
Cristiano: No, not yet.
Pedro Pinto: Blond or brunette?
Cristiano: My girlfriend!
Pedro Pinto: So, brunette I guess…
Cristiano: yeah.
Pedro Pinto: And obviously, Ronaldo or Messi?
Cristiano: Ah, of course I will say myself, normal (laughs)
Pedro Pinto: Thank you!
Cristiano: Thank you, my friend. Obrigado!

Here is the complete interview:
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