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Rooney: the unsung hero

709   //    28 Mar 2013, 16:21 IST

Ask any one with half a footballing brain about the best players in the premiere league and you will hear names like ‘RVP’ or a ‘Bale’ or a ‘Suarez’.I may be missing one or two more names here but i am sure you will never here the name Wayne Rooney .

In this world of football stars,footballs glory child like a Messi or a Ronaldo ,who score goals in heap and are nominated for the numerous prestigious trophies,the name WR fades away from the lime light. But on a deeper note is it due to the fact that his form had dropped or is is due to the fact that he plays for the team more then himself.

iIn this season Sir Alex has used him as a second striker,still he was more then happy to play that rrole and still scores goal when ever given the chance.He defends for the team as well as controll tthe midfield. He is the very reason why Manchester United are winning away trophies instead of no formidable pairing in the midfield. Both Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs are old war horses and lack the speed and vision they once had. Michael Carrick does a good job but he alone cannot controll the midfield. Thou Sir Alex has imported outside talent like Kagwa and Phil Jones,they are yet to show the confidence and ability.

In defence also you will see WR heading away crosses and supporting the ever changing Manchester defence with injury to Vidic and Rio in tandem . When was the last time we saw a Ronaldo or a Suarez or a Messi defending.In fact if the managers plays them as a second striker or makesshows them the bench immidiately speculations are ripe in media abut the player being not happy.Players like Dimitri Berbatov and Daniel Sturridge,Demver Ba,Drogba are glorious examples of such scenarios.

Even as a striker when ever WR geth the lead role of striker he has score in heaps.No wonder he is just 7 goals behind the lead scored this season in the english league,despite playing leser matches.

He is any managers delight ,a complete package who brushes aside personal vendatta for the team cause. Aas, the worl doesnot praise these players and doesnot recognise their worth.

For me Wayne rooney will always remains Manchesters Unsung Hero.Respect !!!

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