Championship footballer to become only current openly gay male footballer in Britain with announcement in TV interview next week: Reports

A Championship footballer is set to come as gay next week
A Championship footballer is set to come as gay next week
Dakir Mohammed Thanveer

A teenage footballer has told his EFL Championship club that he is going to come out as gay next week, according to The Sun.

The player in question intends to make the announcement in a television interview in the coming days, as per the report. He will thus become the only current openly gay male professional player in Britain.

He is said to be 'very relaxed' about his sexuality, as well as his decision to come out as gay next week. His determination to 'break the stigma' over the subject appears to be driving him.

Brave teen footballer at Championship club is going to come out as gay next week |…

The teenager has been well-received at his club after he informed them that he will come out as gay in the coming days, according to the aforementioned source. He has been given the 'full backing' of his team-mates if the report is to be believed.

The player's family already knows about his sexuality. Meanwhile, his team-mates, some of whom came to know about it as recently as Friday, do not see the issue as a big deal, as per the report.

The Championship club in question are interested in how the player plays and trains instead. The youngster is said to be an important member of the second-tier outfit.

A brave teenage footballer has told his club he is going to come out next week β€” and become the only current openly gay male professional player in Britain, report @TheSun πŸ‘ πŸ’ͺ

The identity of the player in question is yet to be known. However, his interview next week could prove to be pivotal in efforts towards breaking the stigma over the matter of homosexuality.

Championship player in question receives backing from the Justin Fashanu Foundation

The only well-known male English footballer to have come out as gay was Justin Fashanu. The former Norwich City forward opened up about his sexuality in 1990, but unfortunately took his own life eight years later.

The Championship player in question has now received the backing of the Justin Fashanu Foundation, an organization that battles homophobia and racism in the sport. Justin Fashanu's niece Amal Fashanu was quoted as saying by The Sun:

β€œThis is very encouraging news and shows the positive steps that have been taken in society and in football. I am sure he will get a positive reaction and it may pave the way for others.”

Ex-Aston Villa star Thomas Hitzlsperger and former Hull City youth player Thomas Beattie have also come out as gay. However, both players did so after calling it quits on their playing careers.

It is worth noting that only one current male footballer in the world has come out as gay so far. 22-year-old Adelaide United star Josh Cavallo lifted the lid on his sexuality in October 2021.

While no Premier League star has come out yet, that does not necessarily mean there are no gay players in the English top-flight. According to The Sun, a gay player in the top-tier has had to undergo therapy amid 'fears of coming out'.

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