Real Madrid want to offload Ferland Mendy for €40m and replace him with ex-Los Blancos star: Reports

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Real Madrid want to offload Ferland Mendy for €40m and replace him with ex-Los Blancos star: Reports

According to El Nacional, it seems that Ferland Mendy's days at Real Madrid are numbered. The upper echelons of the club have seemingly lost their tolerance for the French international, and they are looking to replace him with former Los Blancos star Theo Hernandez.

Mendy's tenure has been marked by an unending string of injuries over the past couple of seasons, and his performance on the pitch has not lived up to expectations. The situation has led to the unanimous agreement that parting ways with Mendy could be the best course of action for the club.

Adding to the club's woes are Mendy's continual salary demands and his representative's insistence on a raise, despite a lack of merit to justify such an increase. Presently, the club has set a €40 million exit price tag on the left-back, hoping to recover a significant portion of their initial investment.

Nevertheless, the club's management stands ready to negotiate for a marginally lower figure, should the situation call for it.

However, the task of finding a fitting replacement for Mendy cannot be put on the back burner. According to the El Nacional report, Rayo Vallecano's Fran Garcia is already on board, but there are doubts over his readiness to step up as the first choice left back.

This has sparked interest in bringing on board a more seasoned player with higher-level experience. Initially, the favorite was Bayern Munich's Alphonso Davies. This potential operation, however, seems to have lost momentum due to Thomas Tuchel's unwillingness to part with the Canadian star.

Davies, on his part, appears to be using Real Madrid's interest as leverage to negotiate a better deal from his current Bavarian employers. Florentino Perez, not one to be played, will not waste his time with a player whose commitment to the Madrid cause appears questionable.

A highly appealing alternative has presented itself in the form of Theo Hernandez, who has had a stellar season at AC Milan. Since his arrival in Serie A, Hernandez has earned a reputation as one of the league's best defenders and has become a key figure in Milan's lineup, where he is revered by the fans. This move could mark a sensational return to the Bernabeu for the former Real Madrid man.

Theo Hernandez could return to Real Madrid to redeem his image at the Santiago Bernabeu

Theo Hernandez's potential return to Real Madrid, the club where he spent an uneventful season, is noteworthy. Under the management of Zinedine Zidane, he found himself unable to cement a spot in the first team, living in the massive shadow cast by Marcelo.

This led him to seek new pastures, initially with a loan move to Real Sociedad before making his permanent home at San Siro with AC Milan. Now, as talks of his potential return grow stronger, this could be his chance to rewrite the narrative of his Real Madrid stint.

According to El Nacional, Florentino Perez is already inquiring about the price tag for the younger Hernandez brother, suggesting that his return is more than just a fleeting idea. However, the left-back will need to set aside the troubles he faced during his first stint with the Iberian giants.

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