Shakira seen receiving birthday cake with Barcelona legend Gerard Pique's face on it - Reports

Shakira seen receiving birthday cake with Barcelona legend Gerard Pique
Shakira seen receiving birthday cake with Barcelona legend Gerard Pique's face on it - Reports

On February 2nd, the world-famous Colombian singer Shakira and Barcelona legend Gerard Pique celebrated their birthdays separately for the first time in 12 years. This was in the wake of their announcement of a split half a year ago, and the release of Shakira's new song, lashing out at the athlete. However, the singer received a birthday cake with her former partner's face on it.

The renowned Colombian singer marked her 46th birthday with jubilation and a plethora of presents and cakes sent by her adoring fans. Meanwhile, her former partner celebrated his 36th with a solitary and somewhat melancholic message of self-congratulation.

šŸšØ Shakira is set to release another new song referencing Gerard Pique on their birthday

Despite the upbeat and joyous mood in the air, Shakira was presented with a gift from the Spanish press that could have brought her joy down a notch (via Music Mundial).

She shared pictures of her birthday cake on her social media accounts, one of which had a photo of her with her partner Pique. The cake also included figurines of Twingos, Ferraris, Rolex watches and Casios as a reminder of her ongoing dispute with the Barcelona legend.

Iā€™m crying at the fact that the Spanish press gave Shakira a birthday cake with her and Pique on the top and she took Pique off it and posted it šŸ˜­

However, before sharing the cake on social media, Shakira chose to make a few changes to its original design.

She carefully removed the portrait of her former footballer partner from the cake, leaving a visible mark on where it used to stand. The modified cake still featured other figurines, but without Pique.

Shakira hired a private investigat to discover Barcelona legend Gerard Pique's infidelity

Recent reports have indicated that renowned Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira allegedly employed the services of a private detective to look into Pique's infidelity.

According to the Spanish television show "Cuatro al Dia," (via Marca), the artist became suspicious of Pique's behavior after he asked for some space in their relationship.

This happened while she was away in the United States for a filming project. Such a request allegedly made her question his actions and sparked her curiosity, leading to the decision to hire a private investigator to look into the matter.

The investigation yielded photographic proof of the former footballer's involvement with Clara Chia. To try and fix the situation, the songstress suggested couples therapy to Pique, but he declined and instead chose to move out of the shared home.

Although the Barcelona legend attempted to come back to the residence a few months later, the relationship eventually came to an end in June.

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