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Rumour: Phil Neville told he has no future at Manchester United

Rumour has it that Phil Neville and Chris Woods have been told they have no future at Manchester United

Phil Neville to be sacked by Manchester United

Phil Neville to be sacked by Manchester United

Manchester United coach and former player Phil Neville was reportedly told that he has no future at the club in lieu of Louis van Gaal’s arrival at Old Trafford. Fellow coach Chris Woods was also informed that his contract would be ended. The duo joined Manchester United as part of David Moyes’ coaching staff but were told by vice chairman Ed Woodward on the final day of the season that their services were no longer required.

Woodward also reportedly told Rio Ferdinand that he would not be offered a new deal at Manchester United after the match against Southampton. Ferdinand has been at Manchester United for 12 years and announced his departure on his social media pages on Monday.

It is reported that Woodward delivered the news to Neville and Woods in the dressing room after the Southampton match, with Ferdinand being told in the corridor after the same match. The treatment of Neville and Ferdinand was received with shock and anger after their long years of service to the club.

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