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Season Review 2013-14: Manchester United - Plethora of Broken Hearts

Akshay Ron
3.06K   //    14 May 2014, 11:11 IST


When you look behind, you see nothing but shattered dreams. Fallen hopes, broken promises and a deceivingly bad transition, Manchester United have been the victim of the most dreaded footballing decision in the last two decades.

As Sir Alex called curtains on his 27-year long career, an irreplaceable space was created in the Manchester United backroom. To deepen the misery, David Gill chose to depart along with his long-term contemporary. A dynamic figure at the helm of the club’s administration, David Gill was an inexplicable enigma who was the backbone of Sir Alex for the past decade.

Intricately linking the gravest nightmares of every United fan, 2013-14 chose to make short work of United and leave it to the wolves. The subtle difference of not being Sir Alex Ferguson turned out to be what was a destructive nine months for David Moyes.

All the 11 years of toil which had resulted in him being handpicked by Sir Alex came down crashing in a very short span of time. His reputation was destroyed. He was made the scapegoat. And to complement his nightmares, he was sacked just nine months into his job.

As we despise a disastrous season, it would do no bad to analyze our performance and take a sneak peek into the essentials of the past season

Positives and Negatives


With so many decisions to ponder upon, the negatives far outnumber the positives and that shouldn’t be the calling of Manchester United. Telling such a statement should be considered an insult in the first place to Manchester United’s rich legacy. The appointment of David Moyes was made with the appropriate gusto but his musings at Old Trafford made sure the incumbent responses weren’t the desired ones. There started the problem as fans failed to trust the manager.

While the fans share the blame for this, the manager gave them no reason to do so. Thereby, insinuating a mutual lack of trust. If any reason as to how a manager gets things done, it’s to connect with the club. And for some reason, Moyes never felt a moral obligation to do so. In the process, he managed to attract the hatred of fans by failing to obtain results.


Apparently, there is a difference between Phil Neville and Rene Meulensteen. Moyes, to his credit forged his mind into believing that never existed and it resulted in him getting the sack.

The second negative was the mentality. As is the tradition, a team is only as good as its manager. A parasitic growth of any team is the mentality of its manager. While Sir Alex exuded confidence and desire, David Moyes was quite the opposite. He played it safe whenever he could and stated out openly that his squad wasn’t good enough to win the Champions League. That was the bug in the team. A poorly cultivated attitude resulted in a failure to adhere to the compellations of tough challenges.

The gargantuan task of replacing Sir Alex had gotten into Moyes’ nerves quite deep and the heart-warming fact of not having to face the hairdryer crept into the players. An inability to comply with the stern action the team needed coupled with the stealth of the team to imbibe some careless attitude culminated to depriving everyone of the Manchester United we had seen the previous year.

While the masses are intent to blame Moyes for his ineffective tactics, their condescension on his inability has been far too much. What everyone has failed to realize is that Moyes alone cannot make the team work; it takes eleven men to comprise a football side. The blame should be shared equally by everyone although Moyes gets the lion’s share for being unable to shoulder his responsibilities. As the fans are so compelled to discount any factor other than Moyes to recount for this season, I should say the above mentioned reasons suffice for everything you may have not observed.

Speaking of the negatives, we are programmed so as to observe every one of it while the good just glances past our eyes. The positives of the Moyes period have been relatively less but some of it may be beneficial in the future.

To begin with, Moyes’ tryst with promoting youngsters dates back to a 16-year old Rooney scoring against Arsenal. That certainly was carried over to United as Moyes showed no fear in regularly playing Adnan Januzaj. His sparkling start and excellent season has to be attributed to David Moyes. While Ashley Young wasn’t performing, Moyes chose to go with the youngster and it paid off. Transforming into one of the most important players, Adnan Januzaj has been the shining light this season at Old Trafford.

The imminent transfer of Wayne Rooney at the beginning of the season seemed to infiltrate Manchester United’s transition. But, David Moyes made sure the English striker stayed put thus ensuring that United had a player to build their team around.

But, the biggest positive in a terrible season has been the arrival of Juan Mata. While he has not yet set Old Trafford on fire, the distinction of his quality has sure emerged with some excellent performances. So, this evidently displays that Moyes has left something in store for the next coach to utilize. And Juan Mata might just be the positive remnant of this season.

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