Sepak Bola Api: a game where football is played with fire

Shubham Mazumdar
Sepak Bola Api
One of the players taking control of a loose ball barefooted without the fear of using their torsos and heads to handle the ball.

Sepak Bola Api, or as the literal translation goes, flaming football goes, is a unique sport played by Indonesians in the month of Ramadan.

Mostly celebrated in the regions of Yogyakarta, Bogor, Tasikmalaya, and Papua in Indonesia, and the rules of this game are not very much different as each of the two teams comprises of eleven players, who try to score goals, but only using a ball that is on fire.

Unlike a regular ball, the ball used in this game is made from coconut shells which is soaked into petroleum or kerosene, and is put into flames.

A documentary carried out by Trans World Sport:


Another amateur-video footage of a local Sepak Bola Api game being played:


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