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Sexist Sparta Prague players told to train with women's team

Sourav Saha
784   //    05 Oct 2016, 12:01 IST
Tomas Koubek and Lukas Vacha
Tomas Koubek and Lukas Vacha criticised the female referee’s performance during their team’s loss

Sparta Prague’s Lukas Vacha and Tomas Koubek have been sent to train with the woman’s team after their sexist tweets, which were condemned by the Czech FA Chairman, Miroslav Pelta. The game saw Sparta lose their 3-2 lead in the dying moments of the game after assistant referee Lucie Ratajova failed to notice a clear offside, which led to the outbursts of both these players.

Both the players, in hindsight, have regretted what they said and have now apologised. The Czech club has also warned the players that there are “some boundaries” that shouldn’t be crossed. The club has also taken the initiative to appoint the pair as ambassadors to the women’s team. 

Vacha, the Sparta Prague midfielder had tweeted, “To the cooker”, alongside the assistant referee’s caption, whereas Tomas Koubek was heard telling the media, “Women should stay at the stove”, as was reported by Czech website,

From left: Czech women referees Lucie Ra : News Photo
Lucie Ratajova (first from left) did not notice the offside which led to a goal scored against Sparta Prague

Koubek who was asked further questions about the game was clearly miffed at the failure of the assistant referee to spot the offside decision, but instead of keeping his emotions in check, roundly criticised the referee. 

The keeper issued a statement on his Facebook page, regretting his actions on the day and said, “Yesterday in Brno was a mistake caused a lot of emotions ... I said immediately after the match a sentence that I regret and for which I would like to apologize to all women.”

“It was not meant to be chauvinistic and my statement was directed at a specific person and a specific situation that arose in the match. And conversely, I love my girls, and want them to accomplish something in their lives that we can be proud of”.

Club’s Punishment

The club though, has now doled out their own punishment with the Sparta general director, pointing out that while there are emotions involved in a game, there are certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed

Nevertheless, the club has now directed the players in question to serve as ambassadors of the team at the UEFA Women’s Champions League game, with directions given to them to report to Sparta women’s team boss, Dusan Zovinec. 

The general director in his statement said, “The players will take part at some of the training sessions with one of our women’s team to see with their own eyes that the women can be skillful somewhere else than at the stove, too.”

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