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SK Adda: Who should Arsenal sign and why?

2.18K   //    27 Jul 2016, 21:45 IST
The top comments
The top comments

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Mohit Singh

Arsenal should sign Riyad Mahrez to end their attacking woes because he has immense dribbling quality and can easily break defensive lines. Beasts like Sanchez and Ozil are already playing, and if Mahrez also joins the attack then it will be a shame if their striker can’t score.

Amit Aerosmith Pratihar

Bring two defenders - Manolas & Koulibaly. Sign Lacazette or Draxler if available, and play a 5-3-2 formation with Ozil, Sanchez and Walcott as the midfield trio. No need to sign Mahrez for now.

SK thinks: 5-3-2? Are you one of those people who believe Giroud would do better as a CB?

Neelabhra Roy

They should at least sign someone who can be fit through the course of the entire season.

Ráhul Baruah

They should sign a new manager. Wenger's time is up.

SK thinks: But Moyes is already with Sunderland.

Shashwat Kumar

We need to get Mahrez because our right wingers Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain are injured all the time, and when they are fit they don't perform. We also need a striker not actually Lacazette but someone like Aubameyang or the man himself.

Shaikh Sajid

They should sign a new manager.

Navneet Ranjan

Sir Lord Bendtner once again because he is the most lethal.

SK thinks: All hail Lord Bendtner.

Anirudh Sharma

Just get any player.

SK thinks: What an in-depth analysis.

Ankit Bhatt

Draxler and Mahrez.

Adeel Jalil

A Defender! Someone like Mustafi who can fill in Mertesacker’s role, because he won't be available for 5 Months!
I don't think they will get a striker!

Savio Ovung

I think Arsenal should sign Santiago Muñez from the movie Goal. He is the last option.

Ahtisham Shykh

Arsenal should sign me because I don't know how to play soccer.

SK thinks: Yup you’d fit right in. Also are you available for a pound?

Sanyam Yadav

Arsenal need to sign a dynamic striker with speed to make full use of Sanchez, Xhaka and most importantly Ozil. Now that midfield is strong with Cazorla and Wilshere returning, and defence also looking strong, a striker like Greizmann would be a perfect fit even though it will cost a huge amount of money. Realistically Lukaku or Lacazette will also work. But definitely a striker.

Sourav Sinha

A better striker than Giroud.

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