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SK Adda: Is Zlatan the key to United winning the title? If so, why?

1.57K   //    31 Jul 2016, 20:37 IST
The top comments
The top comments

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Aseem Arun 

Zlatan is a key player, no doubt about that. He is a born winner. His leadership is going to be very important, not only his goalscoring exploits. He will also provide assists from midfield. In short, he is a complete modern striker.

Karabo Khunou

How DARE you ask such a question? Zlatan will find you and kick you.

SK thinks: I would wear the bruises with pride and honour.

Abhinav Kichus

Zlatan is a central striker. That means he needs the support of his midfielders and wingers. If there isn’t a proper midfield, Zlatan can’t play well. For example, Zlatan’s 2016 Euro Cup. Zero goals for Sweden.

Saurav Sarmah 

Yes, because he has the potential do deliver what other United players have failed to deliver. He is a brilliant free-kick taker, exceptional striker, and a good leader.

Aziz Cutleriwala

Rooney can’t score goals. De Gea can’t save goals. Who helps the helpless? God. You read it right – Zlatan. #ZlatanTime

SK thinks: If De Gea couldn’t save goals, United wouldn’t be in the top flight this season.

Amogh Agnihotri

Yes, he is. Manchester United need the sort of in-your-face player they lacked under LVG. The kind of players who intimidate opponents, like the Giggs or Rooney of old, are lacking. Even if he only scores half of his PSG tally, he’ll be a really key player.

He’s perfect to bring Mourinho’s character onto the pitch, and Zlatan, however much he plays, will be crucial for United.

Anand Dutta

I am not really sure. I mean Zlatan is a living legend. He has scored some incredible goals. But unlike some players, he is not a big match player. When you look at players like Drogba or Gerrard, you know they are going to perform well in important games, and they’ve proved it.

Zlatan has won titles with PSG etc., and Ligue 1 is not competitive. When he plays for Sweden, you see him struggling in big games. You never know. It’s a 50-50 here. I mean he is ZLATAN. He can do anything. I’m just super excited to see him play.

SK thinks: While Ligue 1 isn’t the most hotly contested league in the world, calling it ‘not competitive’ would be doing French football a disservice. PSG have dominated over the last four years, but in the five seasons before that, they had five different champions. 

Sandeep Singh

I have always maintained that success in football is more about team performance than individual brilliance. Yes, Zlatan’s inclusion will add a lot of value to the team. In him, we now have a great finisher that we so needed, and we couldn’t be happier.

But we cannot simply disregard the contribution of the rest of the squad. Defenders are almost as important as strikers; maybe more.

Bunny Chauhan

Zlatan will be a big flop at Manchester United. I’m 100% sure.

SK thinks: I like your confidence. One can only hope.

Levy Mununga

Prince can do something good for United.

SK thinks: I’m sure he would’ve been able to. It’s a shame he’s no longer with us. 

Oscar Emmy Ibeh

No. Zlatan is no doubt a good player, but United have a lot of work to do in order to get back to challenging for the title. Hiring Zlatan alone is not good enough.

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