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Team India won Deloitte Street Child World Championship 2010 in Durban South Africa.

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Team India World champions

Team India represented By YFC Rurka Kalan and The Khalsa Football Academy have won the 2010 deloitte Street Child World Championship 2010 in Durban South Africa.

Coaches from Khalsa Football Academy and YFC united to lead Team india to Glory BAL SINGH KFA and Kulwant Singh YFC.

Indian Consulant general of India in  South Africa
Anil K. Sharan initially met the Indian team at The Moses Mabhida Stadium where Potugual will play Brazil in the fifa World cup The venue was used to provide a platform for youngsters to voice there concerns. Anil was so impressed with Team Indias victory he invited the team to the Indian general head Quarters and presented the team with gifts and dinner.


The Deloitte Street Child World Cup

There were 8 countries represented by street children who came to South Africa to compete in this unique international football tournament. The main aim was to launch a new call for street children’s basic rights to be respected. This will make sure the street children’s voices are heard. Millions of children around the world have to survive by living on the street. Each day they experience violence and abuse. Too often, those who should be making sure children are safe are told to round them up and get them off the streets. The Deloitte Street Child World Championship is an opportunity to show the world that it doesn’t need to be this way.

One child represented from each nation

Team India

Bal Singh and Rupinder Bahel have worked tirelessly over the past 2 years , raising funds , attending meetings and finally putting together a group of partners and individuals to form Team India. Bal Singh paid for the Visa’s and Passports for the street children out of his own pocket.

Amritpal Singh lifting the Street Child World Cup for India

Team India was represented by Khalsa Football Academy (KFA), YFC Rurka Kalan and the KFA Girls Youth South African Network. Through The KFA’s global network of social organisations, KFA aim to empower underprivileged children towards a positive and sustainable lifestyle by channelling the young peoples energy positively towards their development. The KFA “Striving For Unity” equality campaign to date has been a huge success at international level having recently completed street child projects in Brazil.

The KFA have been instrumental in bringing young people of all races and nationalities together using football. Their anti poverty and equality campaign aims to raise important issues of equality and serves to highlight how ignorance and fear of the unknown can drive wedges within our communities.

The tournament rules stated that a girl representative should be included in all the teams. Because YFC Rurka Kalan do not at present provide soccer initiatives and development work for girls, in order to stay in the spritit of the game The KFA’s Global network partnered up with New West secondary school who provided three Indian girls with no experience in football to make up the team.

Bal Singh (Khalsa Football Academy)

“There are many reasons why a child may end up living on the streets. Its a combination of factors, all of which can result in a child finding themselves without a home or food, and sadly, without anyone to love and care for them. The Khalsa Football Academy and YFC Rurka Kalan were both delighted to lead out Team India in the first ever Street Child World Championship”

Team India had the opportunity to spend time on a beach for the first time in there lives.

The Fixtures

For Team India:-

game 1
South Africa 0 V India 4

game 2
Nicaragua 1 v India 0

game 3
Ukraine 0 v India 8

Semi Final
England 1 v India 3

Tanzania 0 India 1

Bal Singh

Two years ago Chris Rose, from the Amos Trust heard about my organisation through Rupinder.  He asked me if i’d be interested in leading out a team from India that consisted of street children, I replied ‘yes’ without thinking twice.  Since then both Rupinder and I dedicated our time to bring team India over to South Africa for this life changing event. Working with the Indian coach (Kulwant Singh) was a huge influence for me when selecting YFC to be part of the project. During my time in South Africa me and Kulwant worked very well together sharing good practice in relation to football tactics and preparation for games. Team India had a togetherness about them and the following organisations and people all played there part in the win.”

Rupinder Bahel (KFA, Momentum Arts, The Business, EYE)

Working in projects that support the development of young people, I felt really proud and honoured that I was given the opportunity to be apart of this event, not because my team won but because by the end of the whole event there was a real sense that we had all won. The children had a great time and were sad to see each other go, I guess the last day was very emotional for all of us. As well as making new friends all the children involved have made history and should be very proud of themselves.  Other then the game there was creative projects run by John Wroe and his team (Momentum Arts) that truly helped us to understand the the children.  They also arranged for this art to be displayed in the Durban Art Gallery which will still be on show during the World Cup.  The work was well presented and the children were taken back by it all. One Brazilian girl commented ‘I never thought I’d ever do work like this’, this comment was special to us all as it proved the event was taking a positive affect.  There was also a conference to give a platform to the street children themselves, allowing their voices to be heard, through discussion with each other, and a broader international audience.

Well done and thank you to the Deloitte, other sponsors, Size Vardhan – Durban University of Technology, South African people for being fantastic hosts, the schools in Durban, Momentum Arts, The Amos Trust, all the Teams and all the volunteers who made this life changing event possible.

Team Management
Rupinder Bahel

Amos Team co-ordinators
Tom, Harriot

Indian coach
Kulwant Singh

Coaching for hope coaches

Deloitte Indian rep
David Garner

Media officer
Tom hood

Jagjit Singh
Pankaj Kalia
Gaurav Kumar
Narinderjit Singh
Amritpal Singh
Kulvir Singh
Jatinder Singh
Ramandip Kumar
Manpreet Kumar
Alareece Gisele gaffoor
Leah Naidoo
Shrimal Umichand

South Africa 0 v India 4 (Amritpal 2 , Jatinder 2)

Opening ceremony and game covered by BBC five live. India made history by playing in the first street child world cup game, they made history by scoring the first goal with Amritpal Singh and of course first winners of a fixture in a street child world cup game.

India 0 v Nicaragua 1
It was a close thought game and India missed numerous chances and were punished late on when Nicaragua scored a controversial goal from a set piece.

India 8 v Ukraine 0 (narinderjit 2, Leah 1, Amritpal 3, Jatinder 2)
India played the passing game and scored some wonderful team goals and the pattern of play was something Bal and Kulwant were discussing after the Nicaragua defeat.

England 1 V India 3 (manpreet 2 , jatinder 1)
semi final was such an important game for team India and with the ongoing debate regards the under representation of Asians in the game it was a huge statement when India beat England. I actually thought it would end up 3.0.


Tanzania 0 India 1 (manpreet)
Another fantastic game with the amazing atmosphere a single goal from the penalty spot secured India’s win.

Team India celebrating The victory in the final against Tanzania

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